Citricos v. Narcoossee's

Which one do you prefer, and WHY?

Ready, GO!!!

Never been to Citricos, but we really enjoyed Narcoossee’s. I do remember having to decide between the two and I think it came down to more on the Narcoossee menu the kids would eat, but it was very close.

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Better choice’s for children at Narcoossee’s… fair enough!

I would have to agree… if you have kids dining with you it will be a better experience if you choose Narcoosee’s

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Ok, two votes for children’s food at Narcoossee’s…

What about adults only?

No consideration for kids… which do you like for a party of 2? Atmosphere? Menu? Food quality? View? Beverage selection?

Atmosphere. Citicos is more formal and elegant. Narcoossee’s more relaxed and nautical themed
Menu. Citricos more focused on presentation but you shouldn’t leave disappointed at either
Food quality. You shouldn’t leave disappointed at either
View. I would give Narcoossee’s better view as you have water views and MK is in sight
I think I would go Citricos if beverage selection and beverage consumption atmosphere is what you are looking for.

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I would vote Citricos. My husband and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner there one year (free champagne and dessert) but beyond the free part we really did have great service and food. We enjoyed with atmosphere as well.

I stayed at the GF with my parents when I was in my late 20s and had the loveliest Thanksgiving dinner at Narcoosees. We also ate at Citricos that trip–I hardly remember it.

My vote goes to Citrico’s; the menu, food quality, and service were all better than Narcoossee’s. Don’t get me wrong, both were very good, but Citrico’s is higher on my list than Narcoossee’s. But one major plus for Narcoosse’s - the deck is an excellent place to view MK fireworks, with music piped in.

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We’ve always had better food at Citricos. Narcoossees is good, but Citricos is better (in my opinion).

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