Cirque du Soleil refund challenges warning

We had a trip planned the first week of June 2020. We had sprung for club level rooms at The Beach Club, The Poly and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Part of our splurge were excellent tickets to see the new Cirque at Disney Springs. We cancelled everything, but Cirque is tone deaf to refund questions. I keep getting the run around from Disney AND Cirque, each telling me the other can handle it. I called their call center in Canada and basically was told “things are different in Canada…please wait”. It’s over $400 and I’m concerned they are going to give me a hard time about a refund. Disney has been great keeping in touch (We’re annual pass holders) and frankly being as fair as you could possible expect. Cirque’s argument to me is “well we haven’t cancelled yet!” kind of like “gotcha!”. I keep saying we’re not comfortable since my wife is a cancer survivor, etc. Why force is now to go? Just heads up to be careful committing to Cirque because getting a refund may be difficult.

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I managed to get a refund really easily once my show was cancelled, but prior to that was a nightmare. It sounds like they’re on the verge of going bust so probably desperate not to refund until the have to

If you wait until either they cancel or the date is passed you could try a charge back on your CC. (if you paid by credit card, of course). Might be harder if the show does go ahead, but it seems unlikely it will.

Thank you for those two thoughtful responses. I listen to The Dis Unplugged pod cast and it sounds like Adventures By Disney has same tone deaf responses. I guess because both have third parties, in this case Cirque. You’d think Disney would have measured in place for us guests to have the same level of customer experience as we do with 100% Disney owned events. After my continued writing and calling I got an email last night that they would refund me. We’ll see. But it shouldn’t have been this hard. Thanks again for the responses.

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We had tickets to Cirque for our April trip and I sent an email requesting a refund and it took them quite a while to respond (with two additional emails) but once they did respond, I got the refund almost immediately. Given the circumstances, it shouldn’t have been that hard and it does make me appreciate the Disney level of customer service and how they have handled things vs other companies

We had tickets for the show in early April and I was able to get a refund via email. I had to work with the customer service in Las Vegas.

This was the response I got from my initial email to customer service in Canada

*Bonjour, Thank you for your message! Please contact 702-352-0221 for further assistance with your request. Office hours are from 11:00-19:00 PST Monday-Sunday. If you have any other questions, contact our Customer Contact Centre by telephone or by e-mail and one of our agents will assist you with pleasure. Bonne journée! Andrew Cirque du Soleil™ Customer Contact Centre Centre Contact Clients Canada & USA : 1-877-9 CIRQUE (247783) International : 00-800-1-548-0000 or 0011-800-1-548-0000

I was never able to get through on the telephone to Las Vegas, either always busy or very long wait on hold. I emailed the Las Vegas customer service and I got my refund within one week of the first email to Las Vegas.

WDW has absolutely nothing to do with ticketing for Cirque, it is entirely a Cirque operation.

Our first trip to Disney had always been scheduled for Jan 2021. But, there will be one major change because of this disease. I won’t be buying any of these non-Disney-direct extras until right before we go. We won’t be doing airBnb this trip, but if we were we’d get fully refundable hotel reservations and make the airBnb at the last night.

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We had a VRBO trip for mid-July in Santa Barbara. They have a 60 day prior cancellation policy. However the property owner emailed me to say they were waiving ANY time constraints for full refunds. Desperate times… At least they aren’t tone deaf to consumer sentiments. VRBO seems more customer-centric than AIRBNB. At least that has been my experience. You might try them. We cancelled anyway because the wedding we were attending has been postponed.

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Is VRBO the same as HomeAway?

I’m not sure. Vacation Rentals by Owner Is what VRBO stands for.

There are genuine concerns that Cirque du Soleil may not exist when this is all over. They were already in serious financial trouble before anyone (probably even in China) ever heard of COVID-19. Then they had a major financial disaster with the show "R.U.N " at the Luxor in Las Vegas this year. Reports are that it cost in excess of $60 Million to develop, and lost about $1.6 Million per month for its historically unprecedented short run. It was already slated to go dark before the pandemic because Cirque’s financial backers decided they weren’t going to throw any more money down that rabbit hole (also a first for Cirque, as I understand it).

There’s a lot of speculation about what parts of Cirque, if any, will survive. There seems to be consensus among those that talk about such things for a living that even if they do come back, not all of their residencies and touring shows will reopen. And while everything I’ve read about possible resident show closures have centered on Las Vegas (where Cirque has a huge footprint), it would take a lot of wishful thinking to believe that the new Disney Springs production isn’t also in peril.

FYI, Cirque acquired Blue Man Group in 2017. So BMG fan’s may want to hold off buying tickets too far ahead of time as well.

Wish I had brighter news. I’m a Cirque fan myself. But it is what it is, so buyer beware.