Cirque du soleil closing

With cirque du soleil closing December of 2017 has anyone heard rumors to what will be replacing it?

I would love to know too. I’ve been wanting to see La Nouba for decades. Finally bit the bullet and bought tickets for our trip in November. When it was first announced, there were rumors that it would still be Cirque, but that it would no longer be the La Nouba show. Haven’t heard anything more since.

you will love the show had center seats 2 rows back a few years back . Incredible show

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I really want to see the toruk show!
With pandora opening, it makes sense that they would start this show, right?

Well, spa day didn’t happen; Cindy wasn’t up for it. Just got home from grocery shopping, watching a bit of football, and will start dinner soon - shrimp scampi over home made linguini and a nice salad. And garlic cheese bread (not home baked).


Wrong thread.