Circus tent seating and re-charging at MK

This weekend we went to the circus tent in MK back near the Fantasyland train station, where there used to be FPP kiosks. Those are now gone, and the tent has been filled with really cool eclectic couchs, chairs, stools, tables, trunks, some with a circus theme and some not. There's even a table with a crystal ball attached.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that it was an AWESOME place to take a break. Being shaded, it's a nice place to sit for a snack or a drink, with LOTS of power outlets along the walls for charging phones / devices / etc. It made me wish I had packed more of a picnic lunch for us, because that would have been the perfect relaxing spot. smile


I noticed that place too, good tip! Does anyone know whether the FPP machines have gone for good?

I wish I had gone back there to see it! I only made it to the splash area and the shop under the big tent. Was it crowded back there or fairly dead?

We were there at 11:00 and it was totally empty. There is easily seating for 30+ people, so even if several other families were back there you'd have plenty of space.