Cinematic Spectacular and Dining

  1. Would you recommend sticking around for the 9:45p Cinematic Spectacular? Is it actually spectacular? :wink: We will have entered IOA at 8 am that day, so it would make for a very long day. Me, DH, DS16. This will be our full day at IOA/UA. The next day we will do both parks again but only 9-3, then off to WDW.
  2. If so, on a day predicted to be a crowd level of 6 will it be difficult to find a good viewing spot?
  3. Has anyone done the Lombards Dinner Package that gives you prime seats on their patio overlooking the lagoon? It seems pretty expensive to me at $45/adult but perhaps it is worth it to have the prime viewing?

I thought the show was great and very moving. Made me want to rush off and view a whole bunch of movies again. I’d definitely recommend watching it!
The show has several screens and projection spots with fireworks all around the lagoon so you can probably get a very good spot with only arriving 30 minutes early. Hope you enjoy it!

Read this:
And this:
I quite like the show but there’s rarely a problem finding a viewing spot, even on busy days.

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