Cinematic Celebration


I’m not finding much info about this nighttime show. It was like mining to find out if/when it would occur while we’re there, but I did. Anyone have any thoughts/tips on this? Is it good? Where the best or easiest places to watch from? How soon does one need to be in their spot? We will be there next Saturday. Thanks!


I found a video of it on YouTube. I’m going in July — so I’ll look forward to your feedback!


I think that the new version is much better than the old version, however, it is also designed in such a way that you have to be in the designated seating to get a really good view. I don’t know how early you have to get there, as we got there about 20 minutes beforehand, and were not able to get a good seat in late August. The other problem is that people will frequently hold their phones up over their heads, or their children on their shoulders and block your view. Had they projected the water a little bit higher, I don’t think this would be a concern. That being said, it is a very good show, and definitely worth checking out.