Cindy’s Dilemma

Help! My 6 year old boy just said he wanted to have pancakes in Cinderella’s castle again. We ate there when he and his twin were 4. I had not planned on doing it again. It was great, but the price and time felt like a one-time experience to me.

But…now that he’s said something, I’m torn. Is there another option that maybe isn’t as expensive? What about dinner at Be Our Guest? We ate there for breakfast on our last trip and I was going to not repeat this trip. What about dinner? I know it’s changing to a signature meal. I wonder if it will feel as special?

Or should I bite the bullet and go back to Cindy’s because they’re only young once and he may not ask for it again :sob::sob::sob::sob:

You could do Akershus?


When are you going?

With the change to signature at BOG, I’m not so concerned that it won’t remain as special (I think it will) but I think your wallet will notice how special it is :wink: And I think dinner at BOG will be far more costly than breakfast at the castle.

I probably would do castle breakfast, both to honor his request and because it will be less expensive.

Of course, that’s assuming you can even get a reservation at either location…


I didn’t think about Akershus. We are vegetarians (my husband and I are at least) and whenever I look at the menu there it always seems pretty meat heavy. But I’ll check it out! Thank you!

We are going Jan 2019. I didn’t have any issues in Jan 2017 getting reservations for anything. Though, I know there “isn’t a slow time” at WDW anymore.

So true about my wallet feeling the “specialness” of Beasts castle, haha. I really wish we could meet beast during the day, too. And not just at dinner.


So you must be almost at 180 days.

It is not easy to get reservations at either location anymore. You need to pounce as soon as your dining window opens and if you’re unsure when that time comes, grab one of each. Times can’t overlap but it’s worth it to take different times to get both until you know for sure what you want to do.
You might not get the opportunity to scoop one or the other up later. Seriously.

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Good to know! I will go ahead and try to get reservations for both. Thank you!

I don’t know anything about it but it’s a cheaper princess meal.

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Try to find out if it’s the pancakes or the castle or cindy he misses/longs for. Pancake options and Cindy options we can give you but there’s only one castle!


We enjoyed Akershus breakfast. There was a buffet of pastries, yogurt, granola, cottage cheese, fruit, bagels, plus some Norweigan items. Then a skillet of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and potatoes were brought to our table. We got a refill on the platter for the big eaters in our group. It was not fancy food, but it was hot & pretty standard breakfast fare. We enjoyed our interactions with the princesses & the princess parade (although DD3 was too shy to participate).

If it’s the castle he is most interested in, maybe consider breakfast at Be Our Guest? He could eat at the Beast’s castle this time and a kid’s plate is $14, adults $25.

One last option I’ll throw out is Bon Voyage @ Trattoria al Forno. He could meet Flynn, Rapunzel, Eric, and Ariel. And their pancakes look amazing!

My kids are 1 & 3 right now. It’s very hard to predict 6 months in advance what their interests will be. I feel ya on that one! :wink:

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Thank you! I was also considering bon voyage, but looking at their menu, it doesn’t seem they have any vegetarian options. That would be tough for us. It’s too bad because I love both Tangled and The Little Mermaid and think my kids would just love that breakfast.

Akershus is looking good right now. It does kind of look like a castle on the inside. I think that might work for the castle request.

They will have something vegetarian, even if it isn’t listed on the menu.
My BF is vegetarian also, and a couple of places had different things that were not on the normal menu. Akershus was one of them actually, They brought him a special plate since the eggs, bacon & sausage which is most of the meal was out. We will probably try Bon Voyage on our next trip :slight_smile:

The chef will always come out and talk with you about your dietary needs and will accommodate you.

We enjoyed Akershus and the princess interaction but the setting is not grand in the same way as the CRT or BOG.

There are veg options at Akershus. I mean, it’s buffet, so more pricey for vegetarians, but my husband is veg, and he survived. And I am a cheater-veg, don’t each much meat, and I was happy. (Try the dark brown cheese! If they still have it)

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