Cinderella's Royal Table

Trying to decide if it’s worth the money. We’ve been pre-covid when the Princesses were there, but now wondering what the draw is other than eating in the castle. My DD’s 9 & 10 want to go, but not sure.

I am in the same boat. I was attracted to your title because I wonder how the breakfast is. Looking at the menu, the extremely limited and uninteresting lunch/dinner menu makes me mad. For example, for the starters you had a choice of

  1. soup (snooze)
  2. cured meat and pickles (but no cheese)
  3. Plant-based cheeses (no option for genuine cheese)
  4. Salad consisting of everything I do NOT like on a salad.

But then we’ve never eaten in the castle.

Yeah, looking at the selections. They don’t look great and the price is terrible for what they are offering. Probably going to cancel.

CRT is one of my top favorites in WDW… (Gasp! :scream: ) I know it’s not an upscale eatery, but I truly like the food. However, the entertainers are what make it worthwhile.

All that said, it is not worth the price as it is right now. You aren’t getting the entertainment value for the price. It’s would be like going to a Hibachi restaurant, (ex: Benihana’s ), and not getting the show as they cook the food. You would enjoy the meal, but walk away feeling disappointed.


There have been several trip reports w/ liners going to CRT at breakfast and dinner. I’d say the better value is breakfast. Cinderella is seen via landing. I don’t remember other liners sharing pics of other princess. @Randall1028 @LTinNC82 @Dreamer @DumboRunner @Wahoohokie I think you all have been


I really liked it. But I’m not a good food critic.

Only reason I don’t do repeats is because it’s a character meal (even distanced) and I tend not to do those when traveling solo.


Dd20 and I had breakfast there on our last morning during our trip last month.

Was the food worth the money, of course not. It never has been worth the money, even in before times.

Was it worth the money to eat breakfast in the castle with my daughter and see Cindy? I think so.

The food was good, the service was excellent, and they brought dd extra baked goods because she didn’t want eggs or frittata with her steak!


That is extremely helpful. I was a little worried we’d leave hungry because we didn’t like every part of what we ordered. DD does love bread.

For us, CRT wasn’t on the list since our original plans had Aker. I held out hope that would come back until they turned it into a corporate lounge.

ETA: DD does love steak, so she’d probably have the exact same meal/variation.

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I actually had dinner there twice this year and enjoyed it both times. Certainly there are better signature restaurants at Disney, but the settings is just lovely.


They don’t “promote” it, but you can actually ask for multiple / different entrees. I’ve done this many times. Since it’s all flat rate pricing, they don’t care if you want a second helping of something or try a second entree. I’ve never left hungry from CRT! I do it almost exclusively for breakfast - even though it cuts into my RD time - and I don’t “have” to eat again for most of the day!! :joy:


I had breakfast in October and even though only Cinderella makes a distanced appearance it still had all the excitement and charm of the experience precovid. Service was awesome as you would expect, but my dish was a little disappointing. It was also stressed to me you get 1 selection and not unlimited order like my experience at Topolinos the same week. If you’re going for the food I would pass right now with the limited menu, but if you’re OK with paying a premium for an unreplicated experience I say go for it.




So, you are saying that I could order the traditional breakfast without eggs but with a mickey waffle?

Note, I love eggs but since we got chickens I stopped eating them away from home.

Disney World’s site classifies this as “Casual Dining”.

We cancelled ours once the princess fairytale hall reopened. We were mainly doing it as the only way to meet Cinderella. Also DS proved sitting still for so long wasn’t going to be feasible. I honestly don’t think it’s worth it until they have the princess parades again. Meeting just Cinderella seems undervalued when the other character meals have the Fab 5+1

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We had lunch at CRT in May. Service was excellent. I really enjoyed my meal. My 5 year old and 3 year old granddaughters were in awe of being in the castle. They liked seeing Cinderella.
Was the food worth the price? No, but you could ask yourself that about most WDW TS restaurants. If I had it to do over again, would I do it, absolutely. Will we do it every trip, No.


Yeah, if my family hadn’t been there 3 times before with the Princesses, I would want to go. But without them, for us, I don’t see the point in returning. It is definitely something you want to do though. It’s a shame the Princesses aren’t there now, but makes sense. They can’t really wear masks.

We went in July. The food was some of the worst we had all trip (we had amazing food all around). The service was amazing and Cinderella was great. She spoke to us, asking where we were from, and the experience felt very personal even though we were socially distant.

My 14 DD wanted to go and even though she agrees the food was meh, she would do it again.

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