Cinderella's Royal Table just for Drinks & Cheese

Is it possible to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table for lunch or dinner and just have drinks and an appetizer?

I doubt it. You pay in full immediately as your reservation is made and it’s a flat rate per person.

I imagine you could eat whatever you want there, but you’d be paying $80 for the pleasure!


Drats. I’d love the experience of going there, but as a vegetarian, the food looks unappealing.

Call in to the Dining hotline and explain your dietary needs/restrictions. Disney is ALWAYS down for accommodating, so you never know what they may have to offer you. It will be expensive for what you get for sure, but I mean hey, it’s Cinderella’s freakin’ Castle! Live it up! :smile:

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It’s a pre-paid fixed price meal, so you’d be paying for the whole thing, regardless of what you did or didn’t eat. HOWEVER Disney is awesome with accommodating special dietary needs. I have no doubt that you could have vegetarian options if you wanted to eat there.

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Adding to this is that CRT has a smaller kitchen, and you need to be sure you’ve discussed your dietary needs in advance to be sure that they are prepared for you.

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Very true. I have heard (although not personally verified) that all of the food is actually prepared elsewhere and is brought through the utilidors to CRT, which is little more than a final presentation station. When it first opened as King Stephan’s Banquet Hall, if I remember correctly, all you could get were sandwiches.

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CRT doesn’t have mimosas at breakfast do they? :innocent: