Cinderella's Royal Table for grownups?

My husband and I are in our 40s and don’t have kids. Our ADR window is opening soon, and I’m thinking about booking breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table on our last day. (We hope to do dinner at Be Our Guest earlier in the trip.)

We’re not especially into characters, but the atmosphere and menu look appealing. Is it going to be awkward?

Not at all. They have seen all combinations of guests, including plenty of ANKs (adults, no kids).


We ate there the evening we were engaged…definitely before kids! :wink:


This is the correct answer. Disney won’t care, and neither will anybody else. Everybody there will be trying to enjoy their own time there, and Disney (just being honest here) just wants your money.

We did it for my girls when we went in November '16. It was the event that I, as their dad, looked forward to most out of the whole trip. It was really good. We made it a little extra magical by ordering a chocolate slipper. You have to do that at least a few days ahead of time, and they are about $10-15 each. Not exactly sure about the cost, but I don’t remember it being too crazy. It is highly recommended.


My first answer is who cares!!

This is your trip do what you want. There are plenty of adults only for character meals. The characters will interact however much or little you want.

I have done crystal palace and 1900 park faire as adults only and had a blast.

so ya wanna do it then do it. Go for it.

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If my friend and I make it through the run Disney Princess half marathon event then CRT will be my first stop after! Well shower and then CRT. They may give me dirty looks otherwise.

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Many years ago my DH and I were eating at Akershus and the first Princess arrived at our table, looked around for a child, pointed at me and said to my DH, “this must be your princess”. He agreed that I was his princess and continues to claim that to this day! :heart:


My friend and I did CRT last year and we’re both grown-ups. She enjoyed the interactions with the princesses. I found them weird. They require willing suspension of disbelief: something I wasn’t able to manage. But that’s just me.

I also didn’t rate the food. The starter was a meagre salad. I think it turned me against the whole place! I didn’t think it was value for money.

But it was cool actually going into the castle. (I was willing to suspend my disbelief about that part!)


If you’re going just for the food then I’d consider another restaurant. But to eat in THE castle and for the atmosphere it’s a definite reservation to have. My mum and I (both adults) had dinner there on our holiday and absolutely loved it. The characters do come round the tables but they only interact as much or as little as you want.

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It’s a moot point as we couldn’t get a reservation, but thanks!

I think I am probably more on your wavelength–I once did the Princess meets at Disneyland to get them to sign a get-well card for a friend’s kid and found it pretty awkward.

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:confounded: oh no. Well if it’s still on your to do list there’s still the reservation finder to help. Hope you get everything you want.

Thank you! I’m actually thrilled with the reservations we got and am just going to let this one go. I thought we’d do it for breakfast on our last day, but we’re going to Epcot instead and have a lunch booked at Chefs de France. That’ll be more our speed!

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