Cinderella's Dining at Citrico's

Has anyone done the princess meal at Citrico’s yet? Are the characters the same ones that met at CRT? I have reservations for next month but don’t want to leave the park unless there are at least 4 princesses.

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I also have a breakfast at Citricos booked for next month. As much as I would enjoy breakfast with Cindy and her girlfriends, I really can’t warrant spending 2 dining credits on breakfast unless the food is really that good.

So now, would those of you who have attended, answer 2 questions:

  1. How many princesses were in attendance?

  2. Was the quality of the meal on par with what we expect from a signature restaurant?

Thanks in advance

I’ll post too. I have one this Thursday. Hope it’s good!


In general, CMs are cash cows for Disney; serve average food, jack up the prices by 50-100%, and pay a few college girls to play pricess at minimum wage. The kids are happy, the Disney accountants are very happy, and the only folks who may be unhappy are the parents who have to cough up the $200 for breakfast. I would be very surprised if the food was significantly different than what has been served in the castle. Citrico’s has the culinary staff to provide excellent signature dinners, but a kitchen’s a kitchen, and you can just as easily make standard CM breakfast food there. It’s the princesses that sell the meal at crazy prices, not the quality of the food; Disney has no financial motivation to serve anything more than “CM average” - despit the location.

@bswan26, they do have the financial motivation to serve a quality meal. The reputation of the restaurant is at stake because their name is on the package. A mediocre breakfast at a signature restaurant would impact peoples’ perception of the restaurant and also signature dining in general.

If it was just the Princesses that sell the meal at crazy prices (and I agree, we are paying a premium to see the Princesses) then all 3 Princess meals (CRT/Citricos, Akershus, and 1900 Park Fare) would be the same price.

All I’m asking is if the additional premium they are asking for is due to the quality of the meal?

@kkr3, enjoy your breakfast / brunch on Thursday. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

I agree with @bswan26, that they have no motivation to serve great food at a character meal. I’m not expecting high quality food. I saw the menu, and it looks comparable to CRT…definitely a step above buffets, but not at the level of signature dining.

We are definitely paying for the princesses. The meals aren’t the same, because of the venues, and the demand for the meal. At CRT, you pay more for the location and for the fact that enough people are willing to pay for that meal as is.

@kkr3, I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the meal!

I am curious to know how this experience is. We have a reservation for Friday the 30th which is the morning we check out. I would hate to hold back 2 TS credits for a so-so event. We are also doing Akershus for dinner earlier in our trip, so we will be getting a good dose of princesses at that. I would love to read some reviews!


Please tell us. Was the breakfast / brunch the most magical experience you’ve ever encountered? :wink:

Seriously, please let us know how you enjoyed it. Would you do it again? How was the meal? Which proncesses visited with you?



Sorry for delay. Wrote about it on lines that night and haven’t gotten over here yet. I liked it very much and so did my family. As to whether or not it was worth it, that is hard to answer. Based on food and service alone, I don’t think any character meal is worth the price; however, I would do them all again. We need to eat, we are in Disney, the kids are entertained, it’s special/memorable, and we don’t have to stand in line to meet the characters later. I did cancel Akershus to do this one. I feel doing them both in one trip would be redundant.

Anyway, it was very similar to CRT. Picture with Cindy first, then go in to eat where 4 more princesses came to the table (not Cinderella again). We had Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, and Ariel. They were a little quick but my kids never ask them questions so that could be it.

The food was delicious and the service was better than CRT. There were several managers circling to check on us/welcome us, etc. We all chose breakfast foods except I chose the salad instead of fruit for my appetizer (which was really good). My daughter wanted more bacon and they brought us a huge plate of it. Everything was really fresh.

They did the wishing ceremony just like CRT and it included the plastic star wand or sword. Additions to this meal that are not in CRT: choice of adult beverage (wine, mimosa, etc) and a kid cocktail in a souvenir plastic cup.
The only thing was all 3 of my kids disliked the dessert. They were cream puffs–no choice. They were very pretty and I liked them but not my kids. They should stick with a cupcake or sundae. I don’t mind because we don’t re ally need dessert (or a cocktail, IMO) at 8 am. Hope this helps. I think I’ve posted on forum like 5 times and this is the longest. I hope I did it right. Any questions, let me know!


Thanks for taking the time to give us your opinion. DH loves cream puffs, DD5 loves princesses, and I love delicious food in general, so I’m glad we’ve booked this ADR.

You have put my mind at ease.

Hope your trip was amazing


Yes, thanks @kkr3! Our reservation is Jan 12th. I’ll report then as well. I’m hoping that Aurora is there. :slight_smile:

Any others had this brunch yet? We are scheduled to go next week and just wondering if it’s worth it. Thanks!