Cinderella Castle going under refurbishment

I like the new look but I may cancel the dessert party I have booked for March. Will wait until closer to decide but I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to look at something similar to @Wahoohokie posted. More attraction time and saving me money. Thanks Disney!


Yeah I have the same concern. I’m going next week and am considering canceling the dessert party. For what it’s worth, I called them today and they said the bulk of the work would be over the summer and that there should not be an impact at all during the next couple of weeks… not sure whether to believe that, but will play it by ear!

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I am optimistic since they say you “may see” work in their blog. So maybe lots will happen over night???

And I think the current castle looks like cinderella castle, where the new one does not.

I do not mind the color palette honestly, but wish they kept it more like cinderella castle in the movie.

Im also hopeful that it isn’t covered for my trip in April. That would be a bummer for my girls.

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Fingers crossed it really isn’t too visible during the day and during HEA.

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Sigh of relief. Apparently there has been clarification. The castle will not be covered during the work and it will be minimal during the day.

This is what I’m hoping for - where did you see this?

It was posted on Kenny the Pirate’s FB page. Someone said on another post that is was also on the DIsney parks blog as well.

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