Cinderella Castle going under refurbishment

So, I just read Cinderella’s castle in MK will be going under refurbishment starting in a few weeks and continuing through summer. As someone going in May and planning this trip for 2 years, I’m not very happy. My best friend is taking her first trip to DW with us, not to mention the Capture the Magic package we purchased with a promise of the castle in the background. I’m hoping this refurbishment is inconspicuous and they do not cover the castle with a scrim or scaffolding. There is no going back now with this trip, but I will cancel our photo package if needed. This is just disappointing.

The article I read said it won’t affect HEA so I would assume it’ll be discrete without scrim.


Although after saying that, another article had pictures of moat barriers and it didn’t look awesome :frowning:

Not thrilled about this either. Last summer we were there with the walkway construction and the moat was drained. It definitely took away from the feel of the castle. I understand renovations have to happen during someone’s vacation but between this construction, Epcot’s construction, and all the morning messes at HS, I am feeling hesitant about my trip next month. I know we will still have a great time big it seems like WDW is trying to do everything at once before next year and everyone who goes this year has to pay the price tag.

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I agree. This is our last family trip for DW, at least for quite some time. It’s getting too pricey. And most of these refurbishments seem to be announced with little warning, giving people little ability to shift their trip.

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I’m bringing a friend on her first trip. I just keep thinking surely they would not have launched these capture the magic sessions (that are all being advertised with the castle), only to cover the castle in scrim. Perhaps heavy work will be done over night and day work will be discrete.

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It says the refurb won’t affect shows so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Looks more like the DL castle.

And you think is unintentional…?

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No I don’t. But it makes me feel a whole lot better about not returning for quite some time. Tricking customers is a short term money grab. Doesn’t pay off long term.

They aren’t worried about the short term grab with an upcoming 50th anniversary, and then the opening of several new rides and a whole new Epcot.

The concept art is really pretty though.

Businesses are always worried about short term grabs. It makes them money for their stockholders, especially with money going out for construction of those new attractions. Hence the paid parking for resorts and the many up charges that come and go in the park. But I digress. It is what it is.

yes, this is dissappointing news. I am a photographer and although I was trying to not spend this trip behind my lens I was looking forward to getting some updated sweet portraits of my kids- This was a huge draw for me to buy early morning magic tickets for me. It’ll be a bummer if the castle is obstructed, or flat-out ugly. We seem to go every five years. My older two are practically teenagers, so I feel like this is the last year for those innocent “disney is magic” portraits

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Sorry it has not done crap for the stock as I own a number of shares. If anything the refurbs at least at this period in time are dragging the stock down not up.

It seems hard to achieve the look they show in the concept art without scaffolding and some closures. I have been to MK 3 times since 2015 and have never been able to walk through the castle…

Edited to add, if the construction goes up, they need to refund the photo sessions. And, it is always disappointing to not be able to get that picture (I know!)

This is what they did in Disneyland for the refurbishment. Not attractive at all!

Of course now it looks like this, looks even better in person than in photos:

I’d say it is likely the castle will be covered at times, how they will do it remains to been seen. I’m sorry for all that will be going during the refurb and had dreams of a great castle picture.


Well I just read the official announcement on the park blog and it says “You may notice this exciting work taking place as these stunning enhancements begin in the coming weeks, continuing through summer.” Surely if they were going to completely hide it from view that would be worded differently…

Oh no! That looks awful. The finished result is lovely, but what a horrid way to cover the work being done!

Hmm. I don’t like the new look (what it is to become). I prefer the current look. It is going from looking like a castle to looking like a toy. :confused:

But, Disney forgot to ask me first…once again. Sigh

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My thought too - the new look is pretty, but I prefer the more realistic look.

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