Cinderella... 12 years later

Gotta share this, sorry (kinda).

12 years ago my DDalmost18 went to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. And her fairy godmother transformed her into Cinderella. And that year she happened to dance a Cinderella number in her recital, in a Cinderella-esque costume

Today I took her shopping for her senior prom dress. And she found the perfect dress. And the moment she put it on, with the help of a wonderful Fairy Godfather at the dress shop, I was transported back in time.

My little Cinderella is all grown up :heart:


Beautiful dress and even more beautiful person :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:
Hope prom goes well.


Stunning! How incredibly magical.


I just saw this on fb and came here to make sure it was also here because this is a MUST share.

How is your mama heart holding up?! :heart_eyes::sob::disappointed_relieved::hugs::star_struck:


I am not one of those mamas that gets all weepy over every milestone. For as much as I cry easily, crying over my children growing up has never been my thing.

But damn if this didn’t get my waterworks going. It was an odd sort of deja-vu and I knew instantly that this was the dress. It was so hard not to gush over it and let it be her decision!


She’s lovely … and what a sweet memory <3


Thank you for sharing. She is beautiful!



So beautiful!


How lovely for both of you! So great to have a day that you instantly know will be a special memory for life. Even better that the two memories are linked to one another. Thank you for sharing. You made me smile!




Yeah that’s exactly it. :smiley:


I’ve missed you amiga! How are you?

I miss you to mi amiga!

I am well. How have you been?

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Currently in COVID quarantine amiga! My thrice vaccinated DM got it. I’m negative but still stuck watching old movies at home. Other than that, I’m doing good amiga! Other than graduations, what are you up to?

OH NO!!! Be well, my friend!! Hope your mama is okay!!

Let’s see: hockey (DS), dance (DD), grad and prom planning (DD), family WDW trip planning (April), a couple of big projects at work, finished most of the Marvel stuff (halfway through Shang-Chi), reading books again (stopped for a while - mind racing too much to focus)

Busy but nothing earth shattering. Day to day living is quite enough most of the time :slight_smile:

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Yeah this is a weeper for sure. Im not a crier either. No tears when kiddos were born etc. But if this didnt bring a sniffle or two i would be worried.


Someday we will coordinate and meet at WDW and you will rue the day you ever heard the word Tequila amiga!!


Aww thank you!

Our Fairy Godfather was amazing too. He honed right in on what her style was (and what it was not), provided a lot of great ideas and feedback, and kept asking her all the right questions in each dress to help her find the perfect one.

Side story: she is dating a young woman right now. Lovely girl, we just adore her! Another patron remarked on the dress and said that “he’s going to have his socks knocked off”. Our Fairy Godfather agreed. DD corrected them, without hesitation and without missing a beat, and without aggression. I was so proud of her in that moment, too. It was a heck of an afternoon!! And our Fairy Godfather acknowledged the correction and was sure to use the right pronoun thereafter :slight_smile:


I’ve done that once in my life already :laughing: It took a solid decade and then some before I could look at the stuff again. I never want to do that again…

But for you? Just once more :wink:

Hardest part right there. Nice job :grin:

Did you let her in on why it was so perfect? Or keep that to yourself?