Christmas Week Touring Plan

Hi everyone!

My family and I are planning a trip to Universal next Christmas (12/22 thru 12/27) with 2 - possibly 3 - days dedicated to the parks. As this is one of the busiest times of year to visit, I know having a GREAT touring plan will help us maximize our fun while minimizing meltdowns. I would like some input from those who have actually been in the parks during Christmas week and can provide some helpful hints on how to tackle our time there.

There will be two adults, two teens, and an 8-year-old going on this trip. We all love Harry Potter & Marvel. Also, we’ve already decided to stay off-site to help with costs so no EPA for us and as of right now we won’t be investing in Express Passes - though that might change as time goes on.

I know I’m planning WAY in advance but I’d rather have an idea now of how our time will be spent so that we can make any adjustments if needed. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

is this THIS year or next year

This would be for next year (2017)

So my first suggestion is - if you are THINKING of investing in Express Passes as you noted. You really should look at just staying on site instead. The cost of hotel (off site) and Express Passes could very easily exceed the cost of just staying onsite. I would suggest looking at sights like etc and book - even if you end up cancelling it - just my thought. Plus that allows you to get in early to enjoy HP before the balance of people get there. With it being the week of Christmas - it will - most assuredly be crowded and even a great touring plan can only do so much.

If you do not have early entry - to force your way to HP first thing is probably moot - however - I would prioritize your wants and go after those rides / areas first


I can’t offer suggestions as we are just going to UOR for the first time this spring. However, when we go the Unlimited Express Passes are not even available for purchase and the only way to get them is to stay on-site at one of the 3 resorts that offer the pass for “free”. So, it’s possible that Universal does not offer the Unlimited passes during high volume times of year and is something to keep in mind as you plan your trip.