Christmas Week/Early Entry Harry Potter what first?

Hi, We are spending two days in Universal the week of Christmas so big crowds with early entry predicted both days in both parks by touringplans. I was wondering what was the best order to do the Wizarding Worlds? Should we start in the opposite park that we want to visit and ride the Hogwarts Express first and then high tail it to Forbidden Journey/Gringotts then wand show and try out the interactive wands? Or should we enter from the main gates of the park we intend to visit, do the main thrill ride first (Forbidden Journey/Gringotts), then wands, and then take the train to the other park later in the morning? Thanks!

No do not use the train to get to Gringotts. Line up at USF 30 mins before opening ( I know its early early) then go straight to Gringotts.) How ever Gringotts is best at night FJ is in Hogsmead in IOA and Gringotts is in USF and the train goes between them. Do 1 each morning if you have EPA both days. Train doesn’t always run at beginning of EPA.
Have you looked at tp suggestions. They wont work for epa yet if you optimise as its not been officially announced

Thank you so much! That what I was thinking too. :slight_smile: I keep reading about how pretty the wizarding worlds are at night, however, I have a husband who wants a date night at a nice restaurant (specifically requested it) and a daughter who requested a character dinner. Since we are only there two days/nights that takes away the possibility of night touring. Should I try to convince them otherwise? They can probably be convinced :wink:

Don’t bother with character meals at Uni and do night touring instead. Try character breakfast ( what age??Grinch breakfast gets a lot of love). Character dinners are from 6 pm anyway ( just check with your hotel as each hotel does them different nights so there might not be one on when you are there)so you could eat early and go back later on. Parks are open to 10/11. I would however keep Date Night !!

Solution could be date night in park at Lombards with cinematic spectacular if its on

Links to character dining

bottom of the second one for evening character meals.

Should point out the evening character dining is not like WDW its normal dinner but characters appear throughout the evening for photos etc. The tend to rotate characters so you don’t know who will be there.

Thank you for the character meal suggestion. I just showed my 8 year old daughter a youtube video of the Grinch breakfast and she was very impressed with how real he looked and how funny he was. We’ll do that breakfast instead of the dinner and tour Diagon Alley at night but we’ll still use those early park admission hours to ride Gringotts one day and FJ the next. I am going to use a modified version of the touringplans 2 day/2 park plans with early entry. Thanks for that tip as well.