Christmas Week Activities Questions

Looking at getting to WDW after the parties are completed.

IIRC, after the parties are completed, the Christmas fireworks, snow on Main Street, and Christmas exclusive snacks are all available to everyone?

Will the ride overlays also be operating during that time?

The snow doesn’t happen as far as I know. It certainly didn’t when I was there over Christmas and New Year.

The parade runs until New Years Day, so do the ride overlays like Jingle Cruise. But the party overlays this year are different in that they are only for the parties. So I don’t know if they will continue or not.


Thanks. I may see if I can get the kid to let the littler kid out of school a few days early if this is the case.

Per Disney’s site, you get the Christmas party fireworks Dec 23-29.

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From what I’ve read, you’ll get to see the Christmas parade but only in the daytime whereas they have it at night during the parties. I was curious, too, about the party snacks but have not been able to find an answer.

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Yes, the parade runs twice, once at noon and again at 3pm.

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The Christmas fireworks are at 10:00 from December 23-29. They’re on Disney’s web site, but for some reason do not show up on Touring Plans.

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