Christmas trip: looking for critiques

We have a big group. 8 adults, 7 kids—ages 2 through 8.

Arrival Day-HS









Departure Day—MK

I don’t have time to study it closely right now, but on a quick glance it looks reasonable. I’ll be there the week before you, so I am starting to look at planning. The elephant in the room is SWGE and how it will affect the crowds/wait times in DHS and the other parks. I’m working under the assumption that DHS will CL 10 pretty much every day, and in your case compounded by the Christmas crowds. But we won’t really have any actual “data” until SWGE has been open for a month or two…

Yep, SWGE is definitely the determining factor.

I just looked at arrival day.
I know there’s no way to know how long standby will be for an as yet unopen attraction, but you have the fastpass for Runaway Railway sandwiched between to very long standby waits.
I would personally opt to use a fastpass on Slinky instead or Midway Mania if the rider swap prohibits the use of fastpass.

MK day: I’d swap the Dumbo fastpass for one of the end of day meet & greets. I know it’s showing a short wait to meet Mickey, but it’s usually at least 30 minutes.

Issue with the HD/MK day is that you won’t be able to make that Pirates fastpass until you’ve used the ones at HS. So, a bit of a gamble but the standby might be fine. I think the wait for that ride usually goes down as the day gets longer. The other problem is that you want to eat at Tony’s (lol)

HS1-alt looks great.

AK - The 2 musicals back to back will be tough. You’ll have to haul it over to Africa to make FoLK.

MK2 sounds wonderful. Do you like going on roller coasters first thing in the morning? As long as you do, this looks great.

Epcot looks great too.

MK - what is “coco ride”?

HS/AK seems do-able.

Departure day - Should be ok as long as breakfast doesn’t take more than an hour.

This is a pretty HS heavy plan. Nothing wrong with that given the SWGE opening. But if it seems crazy after 2 of the days, I’d add more Epcot to the plan. You really don’t have much of World Showcase in there.

I think at one point I had Mickey at Town Square FP, might change it back.

According to the advance FP charts Pirates should have some day of availability but we’re prepared to wait stand by if need be.

The touring plan shows a 12 minute walk time between musicals, is that pretty accurate?

Coco shouldn’t be on there. These plans were originally created around our 499 day and we had heard a Coco rise was going in MK but this was a hoax.

I’d probably have more Epcot on the TP but with all the small children we opted against it. We are planning on the adults taking turns babysitting on a couple nights so we can do more at Epcot.

i’ve heard you can get a PotC FP+ for playing 2 rounds of Pirate’s Adventures, which typically take about 15 min each…could be shorter than standby

I would look at historic park hours. Usually MK has 7am emh each morning of Christmas week. That might effect your early morning wait times.