Christmas Trip AK day 12/25

Ok last TP for our trip! Please let me know what you think and what your ideas are!

This is our AK day CL right now is a 9. I have listed our “would like to do” We have been to Disney a few times before (never at Christmas) I know we will not get see and do all however in my TP I have listed our “want to do’s”

My questions are-

  1. The is EMH do we still arrive a hour before? We have never done a EMH
  2. Seeing what we would like to do/ride our my FP picks correct? Times correct? What would you do?
  3. Tell me how I can make my plan better!!?

New Plan

A few thoughts…

  1. Where do you plan to eat lunch? I highly suggest Satuli Canteen in Pandora. If you do choose to eat there, consider doing Flight of Passage later around lunch time to minimizar walking.
  2. I suggest moving Kali to the afternoon so it’s warmer. It could still be cool (ish) at 10am.
  3. I am a big fan of a morning safari. I think the animals are more active then.
  4. No Festival of the Lion King???
  5. AK is adding Christmas decor this year. Do you want to experience that?

I haven’t personally been at Christmas so I can’t attest to the wait time accuracy.

We are open for where we eat lunch- Dinner is more we have our favs and make sure we eat there- But we will give the Canteen a try!

Thanks for the Tips and I will be re-doing my TP with the advise from your other post. We will add in FotLK if time allows. We have seen it a few times and would rather ride the rides.

We will def take in the Christmas decor I only put our tip picks in my TP and after our must do’s are done we will fit in other things as time allows.

I are going into this trip knowing that it is a VERY busy time and will not be able to do what we normally would do when we go in September… Oh how I miss the days of when my girls were younger (and not in college) and I was able to pull them our during school time! lol

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