Christmas time trip: what's not to miss this year?

We will be arriving on 12/19 and have no plans to go to the park that day. I hear DS is a bit crowded - as much as I would like to see the Christmas tree trail (or scatterings, as they will be this year), not sure I want to deal with the crowds. Other than Wilderness Lodge and AKL, where else has great Christmas displays/decorations we should check out (especially since no Gingerbread houses this year too)? Anything underrated or overlooked that is worth a visit? Thanks!

I was basically about to post this same question…

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Christmas season has always been such a gorgeous time of year at WDW! That is why we wanted to go during the Christmas season last year, our second trip to WDW. It was over the top, in terms, of decoration. This year, Disney isn’t going to do as much.

There was another thread on this recently that I also wrote in. You can get some ideas here:

We did 2 nights of MVMCP and resort tours last year. They are not doing MVMCP this year. But there will be some resort decoration. We loosely followed this guide:

I wrote about Wilderness Lodge here:

I wrote about Disney Springs and MVMCP #1:

About the Boardwalk Resorts here:

About the MK Resorts and MVMCP #2 here:

WDW for Christmas will still be magical! Hope you all have a great time! So envious…