Christmas planning

We are throwing around the idea of trying to see the parks while Christmas is up this next year. I think in all reality the best time in our schedule for this will be the first week of January. How do you plan a trip for this time? Do I have to wait until they release the 2020 ticket prices and hotels? Can I buy tickets now? It says the tickets are good through Jan 12th. Do you have to use it one day in December for it to be good in Jan, or could I start using it say Jan 2? Can you book onsite hotels that far in advance by calling, or do I have to wait until July-ish? If I stay offsite, how far in advance can you typically book them?
Thanks, I know this is a whole bunch of questions!!

Christmas is such a fun time! I love love love how DCA comes to life with all the different cultural holiday celebrations! So I’m very excited for you to see it also.

As for your questions, I’ll answer what I can…

For the hotels, I’m not sure when exactly it opens up. I know that for the 2 onsite stays we have done both of them were in January and we booked one in October the year before using a steal of an Orbitz rate and then the next year didn’t book it until early December but were able to get a pretty good deal with an AP discount rate. You can always call & re-book a deal so if you want to lock in your room ahead of that, then you certainly can book a room when it opens & then if a deal comes along, change to that rate as it becomes available.

From the T&C’s on Disney’s website to buy tickets now: “Multi-day tickets must be used within 13 days of first use or by January 12, 2021, whichever occurs first.” Judging by that, it’s pretty safe to say you’ll be able to use them starting that first week of January. And, if all else fails, they’ll apply the value of any expired tickets towards the current pricing of the tickets so you won’t be out the money you spent on the tickets if you end up not being able to use them until Jan 13th or after. If it were me, I’d buy the tickets as soon as your budget allows to have them on hand with the current price.

I doubt you can call now & get a hotel stay for that far in advance, but maybe I’m totally wrong? I would definitely call & see.

Typically offsite will allow 10-11 or so months in advance. But it does depend on the hotel.

Thanks! It’s a bit different than my normal planning. :blush:


When do Christmas decorations and celebrations typically end?

They at least go to Three Kings Day (Jan 6th) and I believe the weekend following it if it is in the middle of the week.

I’ve broadened my options. We could go around dec 19-22ish or Jan 3-6ish. I would think December would be more crowded, but the crowd calendar seems to show I might hit big crowds Jan 2-4? Which dates would you pick and why?

The last few years Jan 2-4 has been subject to a lot of schools still out on Winter Break along with a lift of passholder blackouts that creates a surge as many who haven’t been to DL in 2-4 weeks come back for one last fill of Christmastime.

The first year they did the extended December blockouts for all but the Signature Plus pass the first day that most passholders could come back was a day that closed to capacity. And the year after wasn’t quite as bad but still an extremely busy day.

I noticed there was a lot less blocked out in Jan, so I was thinking dec would be better. DH is getting weary of the idea of a trip in December, but I was so excited to see Christmas! When do they typically announce when the last day of holiday decor will be?

I am planning my Christmas fix in November.