Christmas party st Disneyland?

Hi ya all is there a mickeys very merry Christmas party at Disneyland? Thinking of going to Disneyland around xmas talk to me about crowds and pros/cons of visiting last week of dec/first week of Jan

No, they don’t have the Xmas party like they do at WDW. The major changes are with two rides, Haunted Mansion is taking over by Jack Skellington and Small World has a holiday theme. After new year’s there is a 3 Kings celebration around Jan 6, and Navidad events in DCA. There is also a special tour you can sign up for.

Disneyland at Christmas time is beautiful! I think they decorate by mid-November and that would be the best time to avoid the heaviest crowds. They have a cute daytime Christmas parade, a Christmas version of World of Color, snow on Mainstreet and a Christmas version of the fireworks - I highly recommend all of them and I think they start those in mid November too but maybe someone else can chime in with that info. When we were this past Christmas time, they also had the Paint the Night parade. It was awesome! If they have it again, I would strongly recommend trying to see that. The Haunted Mansion is changed over to the Jack Skellington version in September I think. I love both versions of the Haunted Mansion, but I like the Christmas one more and seeing the outside of It’s a Small World at night is really special. Christmas time at Disneyland is really really good. I haven’t been to WDW during Christmas so can’t compare, but we loved Disneyland at that time of the year.

Usually by the second week of November all the Christmas decorations are up and Holidays in full swing as described by both posters above. I also highly recommend all the Christmas stuff as it gives the Disney Magic a little extra touch. One note though, the Three Kings Viva Navidad Street party (our most favorite Christmas offering) & character meets with the Three Cabballeros, runs the whole season. The first week of Jan for 3 Kings Day proper does usually have a few extra activities/entertainment by local performing groups.

Sorry no party, but it is still one of the best times of year! We went as a family two years ago right after thanksgiving. We were not able to get together for thanksgiving due to work schedules. We found a great deal and we’re able to stay at the Grand. All the hotels were were beautifully decorated, but the Grand was exceptional. It was the perfect way for us to kick off the holiday season. We were able drink mulled cider and hot chocolate by the fire place and listen to An ensemble singing Christmas songs and look at the HUGE decorated Christmas tree in the lobby. There was a life size gingerbread house in the lobby. even if you are not able to stay at the grand, I suggest you carve out some time to experience it. The parks are both decorated, however DL does a lot more in that department (although I personally love how they decorate cars land). I have not experienced it, but hear that the week betweeen Christmas and New year is the busiest week of the year. I personally would avoid this time, but have friends love the atmosphere of the park when it is crowded. After New Year’s it let’s up a little, but not enough for my taste. That second week in January would be my choice if you have to wait until after Christmas. Good luck!