Christmas party resort choice

Hello all you WDW gurus!
I am one of those Disneyland people who doesn’t have a copious amount of knowledge about WDW and I have only been there twice as an adult.

I am hoping to go to whatever version of the Christmas party happens this year and since I will probably be the only person in my group who stays late to the event, I want a resort that will be good to return to alone after midnight or so.

I have failed at getting DVC rentals at Bay Lake and Poly. I could stay at a monorail resort but I am horrified by the cost. Are there any options I am missing that would allow me a pleasant very late return to a hotel after the party?

Thanks for your knowledge drops in advance!

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Hello, and welcome to the community!

I would keep checking for Poly and BLT as nothing is easier than those tbh.

That being said, there are always the buses which take a smidge longer but can also be a lot shorter than an Uber after midnight.

I found the Beach Club/Boardwalk buses to be quite dependable. The Minnie Vans should also be up and running by then. Swan/Dolphin/Swan Reserve are also comparatively priced (or at least they were before Disney held their Deluxe status hostage).

And if all those fail, we did get an Uber late after one of the parties but it took about 40 minutes of waiting instead of the usually quicker response we normally get.

As a side note, with Wilderness Lodge you could take a boat back to the hotel, but it can get chilly at night sometimes.


Wilderness Lodge would be a nice boat ride from MK after a party.


And at the holidays!!! Swoooooon!

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Fort Wilderness would also work

Thanks all. I have been looking at Wilderness Lodge also but the price seems similar to the Contemporary so I thought if I had to pay that much I’d pick the Contemporary.

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Any other time of the year I would agree, but December at the Wilderness Lodge is just gorgeous!


Excellent to know this! Thanks!

Last December Contemporary had less than a third of their usual holiday decorations, and no gingerbread house at all, which was normally a very big deal for them.

BLT had some, but it still felt weird without the huge wreath I was used to seeing on Contemporary’s glass wall. Does anyone know if Wilderness was still done up normally?

Yes it was

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The one caveat I would check into is whether they continue boat service through the party, or switch to just busses late at night. In January 2022, the boat captain told us on the way to MK that boats stopped that night at … I want to say 10pm? Now that was a 9pm close night, not a party, but we were directed to use the bus to get home if we were leaving after the boats stopped. I would imagine same for FtW. Both have busses and boats from MK. Boat is way cooler but apparently busses run later.

They have had the boat for the party. They have not offered the boats for after parties that I have attended.

It will be interesting what they offer this year.

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We’ve taken the boat from MK to WL at midnight before back in the good old days of late night EMH. Typically as long as the parks are open, all transportation will run at least an hour to 90 minutes after park closes.

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You should listen to someone with a name like @WildernessLodger when it comes to WL



Will you have a car? You could eat at the Contemporary before hand and drive. You can park with the Dinning reservation.

We do have a secret trip planned right after Thanksgiving and are doing a split stay with AKL first :star_struck: You all talked up Sanaa bread service so dang much we had to branch out and see if the grass really was greener (on the savanna)!


I won’t have a car but I love this suggestion!