Christmas Party Plan?


Is there a way to create a plan for the Christmas Party with the party exclusive things like special characters and things? I’m new and still learning this.


Touringplans has done it for you!

Start there, customize to your liking :slight_smile:


Ok, so it looks like they just use breaks to hold the place of special meets.


Yes that’s the only way to do it really


Is there a way to submit user feedback to suggest a custom task with location, wait time, and name?


I would imagine they don’t name those things because they are fairly fluid as compared to rides/attractions and maintaining all the changes might be more difficult than having users create them on their own. But @len and the team are always open to feedback


I’m not asking for fixed items. The request would be for an enhanced version of what the break item is. Except instead of time and notes, you could set location, wait estimate, duration, and notes.


Let’s see what they say!


Location is interesting. You should be able to set a break’s length as “wait + duration” already, if you know those two things. And I think notes are available as well. So it’s the location that we’d need to add, right?


That’s the way I read it.

I’ve also seen a number of regular-park-questions over the last few months where being able to “pin” a break to a specific location would have been an advantage.

We’ve mostly been advising people to use a meal at the nearest restaurant as the way to get the software to recognize the location of a break, but being able to pin the location in a break (rather than using a meal) would be a distinct improvement.


I don’t know how your optimization algorithm works. If it evaluate wait vs duration differently or if it sums them.

You might want to evaluate adding a rope drop dash to a ride to force the optimization algorithm to force that to be the first step.


Please don’t take my suggestions negatively. I’m very new to your app and to Disney planning. I’m a sw engineer by trade and I get stuck on stuff like this.