Christmas party on an extended evening hours night?

Official park hours have not been released for my dates, but TP is showing a night in November as having extended evening hours from 6pm to 8pm on a night with a Christmas party from 7pm to midnight. Staying deluxe, so if those really are the park hours, would we be kicked out for the party, or allowed to stay until 8pm? Anyone have any idea?

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Good question! I would have thought they’d switch extra hours to a different park. Let us know if you find out more.


They have announced extended evening hours at DHS for a few of the party weeks. And at least 2-3 of those weeks have no EEH at MK. It might be they’ve decided to trial switching parks during party season.

They did that for the last 2 weeks of the Christmas Party last year.


You won’t be able to stay. As mentioned it is likely EE will be offered at another location (HS) instead or perhaps another evening (IIRC that was the case once or twice last year)


I’m going to concur and say that this is, most likely, an error by Touring Plans. They do monthly updates and this may have slipped through. It should get corrected soon. If there’s a MVMCP that night, then MK will close at 6pm

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This. I totally agree that TP simply hasn’t updated/corrected their “predictions” for that park. As their own page for dates that far out says, “Park Hours unreleased; these are predicted hours and schedules:”

The party hours are known. WDW hasn’t announced park hours that far out, which let TP keep an old prediction that conflicts with the party.