Christmas Party is back!

I’ve been waiting patiently and finally yes! Back in party format not after hours and with 2 options during our trip dates! Who else is going?|339271821&cid=PDM528290&bid=1173336508


I’ll most likely be there!


We will be there, counting down the days!


I was supposed to be, but I officially cancelled my dates yesterday.

Sad trombone.

It looks like it’s going to be amazing though!


At $149-$199, per ticket, even if I was going to be there during Nov/Dec it would be a hard no for me.


Was this related to the way you felt after your cold call from customer service to cancel your reservation? Or something else?

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I mentioned in the other thread, we will be going on the Dec. 11 date. $180 per ticket, which is expensive, but cheaper than we budgeted. I had hoped they would stick to it being an After Hours event, but we are looking forward to it regardless since we have never been. It ends our trip with a bang.


An amalgamation of events really.

The call from them about my dates really was the last straw for DH. Chapek. Masks possibly coming back. Crowds, and my anxiety towards. Political nonsense. All of the construction walls everywhere!

We paid cash rates for two rooms for two months on property and we were scolded nearly every single day for one thing or another. House keeping, masks, mobile ordering, and more. Tempers were short. Our patience is now shorter. We could have saved the money and used it for tickets on this new private junk they have going on instead and been treated a lot nicer for our troubles.

I’m sad, but DVC Rental store gave me the deposits, already paid, back in credit to be used up to two years from what would have been my reservation start date.

They didn’t even blink. Not a single bad word and we had another 2 months booked at 3 deluxe resorts! Full refund, no questions asked.

Worst case, we use it for a 2 bedroom at Grand Californian for something or another. Best case, we wait a year or two for things to get back to normal at WDW.


I’m sorry to hear you are feeling that way and that you were treated poorly! Sadness. :frowning:


The worst part, is this would have wrecked me before our last trip.

I’m barely phased at this point though. That’s how bad it was.

I have hope it will be better. Hiring and training and enough time to pass should get things back to normal. And we’ll probably be back when it is.

But I’m excited for what else is out there until then :star_struck:


I will be there with just DD8 the week before Thanksgiving when there are 3 parties. We fly home late Friday (6pm) so aren’t doing a park that day. I’m thinking party on Thursday night (11/17) since it will be a late night, sleep in a bit Friday and grab a very late breakfast res at Topolinos (my choice) or Chef Mickey (DD’s choice) for our last day. I wish the tickets were a little cheaper though! I actually wasn’t that impressed with the party when I went in 2019 but I do think DD will enjoy it. I’m not going to tell her about the party and keep it a surprise.


I am so glad that the pricing went down a little from last year. I was on the fence about trying to make it work with our kids if they kept the after hours format, especially at those prices, but glad that they changed to a regular party.


We are going the week after Thanksgiving, trying to decide on a Sunday or Tuesday party. Exciting decisions!

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I’m debating the 1st, 2nd, or 4th.


Masks could be back? That would make us cancel our trip in December. Where did you hear this?

It’s me making a guess.

On their site:

Welcome Back to Walt Disney World Resort

As we have done since reopening, we’ve been very intentional and gradual in our approach to our COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Based on recent trends and regulatory guidance, Walt Disney World Resort will be making adjustments to these measures, which may continue to change at any time without notice.

We encourage people to get vaccinated.

Some images shown throughout this website may not represent current operational guidelines.

They said when they lifted the mandate that they could bring them back at any time as well.

Here’s my speculation, and nothing more. The unions fought for them really hard last time. Disney has also closely followed what CDC guidelines/Fauchi has suggested. Seeing first hand how viciously enforced it was last time, and how little management cared about how they were affecting morale (both of wearers and enforcers), and the political strife between Disney and Florida right now, it’s my opinion only that masks will be back after the elections. Though others have told me they think before.

Do not change any plans based on my hearsay.

There are a lot of people here in the forums I want to be respectful to, and they have made it clear they want masks back.

But yes, masks possibly coming back is one of many reasons I cancelled.

I’m also biased because I was just in Philly that actively reinstated, then unstated mandatory masks. There’s also a county in CA that brought them back. NV is also threatening them to come back. I am completely biased in my outlook because they are still all around me and I just cannot do Disney again with masks.

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FWIW I don’t think that will happen. I think we’re done with masks as a country unless something crazy happens, like as monumental as Covid was in March 2020. I was in LA this past weekend where masks are still required in the airport and certain other places. Compliance at LAX was like 30-40%. They are not even required in Disneyland or anywhere else in Orange County, CA. I can’t see Orange County, FL, or WDW alone, being more restrictive.


Thanks! Hopefully Disney will give full refunds if they decide to bring masks back. Because we are done with them. (Not that our super thin 1 layer masks did anything anyway :joy:).

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This was earlier this month and in the article, they said stricter mandates “could” be back by end of the month. It notes that it’s mostly northern CA, but even my governor and state health officials are saying they are really close to bringing them back.

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Like I said, I am completely biased.