Christmas parade taping

Does anyone know if the date for the parade taping has been released? Any experience on the impact to touring plans? We're trying to decide if we should avoid MK like the plague that day. Or do we go on purpose assuming everyone is at the parade and not on the rides?

I read that it is dec 6 we will be avoiding mk that day. Although I have heard its not that bad away from main street

We went last year on the Friday taping day... Rd was busy but in the park crowds were pretty light until later in the afternoon. Seemed like everyone was at the castle taping. Most people I heard talking about it had no idea what was going on anyways!!! I'm not sure about sat though... I'm sure that's a Main Street mess

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I concur with rachaelmac22. Getting in the park, and making your way down Main Street can be a pain but the crowds and wait times for the rest of the park is usually not bad until about 2:30-300pm.

Thanks all! We're hard core rope droppers so I Think we will skip it and head elsewhere those days!