Christmas/New Years 2021 Trip

Planning my families return to the Magic from Dec. 22, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022. I have never been over the Christmas Holidays but have heard plenty of horror stories. Any tips to make it as magical as possible? We will be celebrating my Dads 88th Birthday, my sons 2021 HS graduation and my sisters 50th as well as the holidays. Have to take the trip during my daughters school break and my sons college break so changing the date is not an option. Thanks in advance :).

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You’ll be fine if you use all the tips you can get from Liners to set a good schedule and how to avoid crowds. There are several forum posts you can read for past experiences and get info on what to expect for this year.

We did that trip (fewer days) last year. Our expectations of what we would get accomplished was lower than it would be for other trips which were usually off season. We had a short list of things we must do and made sure to get something requested for each of us each day. We did all we set as our expectations and more.

Getting started at the parks early and planning meals for off times will help you avoid lines. Take a break during the peak hours. Make sure you spend some time just sitting and enjoying all the decorations.

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No tips, but I wanted to pop in to say we’ll be there at nearly the same time (Dec. 20-30) so I’m also eager to hear tips and suggestions from others.