Christmas is here!

In a previous thread, we were wondering if rides would be getting their holiday overlays. According to All Ears, Jingle Cruise is up and running!

It is always astonishing to me how they make so much Christmas appear overnight. I’m getting really excited for our trip in December. I really hope we don’t have to cancel this one


thanks for posting! This makes me excited about our upcoming trip Dec. 21-26th. I’m managing expectations… but seeing these videos makes me think that even with all of the changes… and probably long wait times… with the social distancing - hopefully it won’t feel so claustrophobic and we’ll still find magic on our trip! Goodness know this is more fun than watching Election coverage! lol :mouse::two_hearts:

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Rode the Jingle Cruise yesterday. No decorations around Tomorrowland Speedway like there was last year. Entrance is missing all the poinsettias and decor of last year but the rest of MK is decked out for Christmas.


Animal Kingdom is looking good


I’ve been hoping that maybe the Tomorrowland Speedway would get the overlay by tomorrow (since the holiday celebrations officially start in Disney on the 6th) and the poinsettias would be placed by then as well, but now I’m thinking it’s unlikely. I’ve seen a few videos of Hollywood studios that looks like it’s basically done, so maybe they are completely done with the decorating and tomorrow will just be the day the cavalcades and special holiday food treats start.

On Monday DHS had the giant ornaments in the and the stars on the light posts on Sunset Blvd. missing lots of decorations so maybe not finished. Hopefully not finished. DHS was my favorite Christmas park last year.