Christmas Hours / Fireworks

Is there a different schedule that comes out closer to Christmas? Currently Magic Kingdom has no fireworks or parades scheduled at all for the holiday. That can’t be right, can it? TIA!

They do update the hours. They just added the full July schedule in June, so it might be a while before they announce December hours. But they will certainly have parades and fireworks.

Last check a few days ago, they had Wishes schedule posted thru mid-Dec.

Thanks, I saw the same thing. We will be there Dec 24th - 31st and those days show nothing, which can’t possibly be right (at least I hope not). I guess I just need to be a bit more patient.

the week prior to your visit, is the week I was there last year. they didn’t add wishes until the week before. i was sooooo frustrated.

Thanks, that’s definitely frustrating! How do they expect people to plan within the new systems when they don’t allow you time to do that? I guess I will be online daily watching the hours and such, leading up to my visit.

I am sure they will add things. The busiest week of the year and mk hours are 9sm to 10pm most days. No way they keep those hours

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I would probably wait until the week before to be checking daily. Not much is going to happen until then…