Christmas genie, parties and hopping

I rebooked our Disney trip foe the third time - this time for December (18-28). I know the lines will be long and the parks will be easy and I’m in despondent of planning advice. We have a 6 and 8 year old but 4 adults in tow.

With Remy now likely a virtual queue I guess we need to make a park reservation for Epcot at least one day - it’s always been a park filler for us.

What do I do about the Christmas after hour party? Is going to MK that day a good idea?

What is the likelihood that I’ll be able to park hop at all? Do I need to plan for one park a day?

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Following along for advice. We are there 19th to 24th. Hadn’t planned an APR for EPCOT but I guess I need a new plan.

I can’t speak from experience. I’m in the same boat as you. We’ll be at WDW during those dates, too…though only for a couple days. I’m learning all the new rules/strategies on these boards.

From what I’ve read in multiple threads, there have not been any issues with park hopping yet this year, even on the park’s busiest days. So I’m hoping that remains the case! I think the Oct 1 weekend and Tgiving week will be a good testament.

I asked a similar question about Remi’s. Our Epcot day is our arrival day, and we won’t get there until later in the day. From what I understand, you do have to have a Park Reservation to get that BP for it. However, I’ve also read that it’s likely that Remi’s will be a LL$ ride, too. So if your willing to pay extra, you can still ride it without a reservation/BP.

I’ve also read that it’s “likely” that MK will be a little lighter in the morning hours of the After Hours Party, but will pick up a lot in the evening. I believe party goers are let in at 7pm, so from 7p-9p it will probably be packed…until the non-party goers leave the park.