Christmas Eve and Christmas

This is crazy. Just crazy!
(Cast: DD17, DD14, DS11, DS2, DH and me)

Our Christmas Eve plans are HDDR-- the 4:00 show so we can get to bed at a reasonable time.

On Christmas Day, we go before AK opens to Tusker House (8:05), hop to Epcot for Tutto Italia for lunch (12:30), 5:00 Candlelight Processional, and finally, end up in MK’s Crystal Palace (10:10PM), just so we are guaranteed to get in the park for Wishes (which is probably at 9:00).

There’s no way to eat all that food. I’m a foodie, but all this food doesn’t even sound good to me!

However, each meal gets us something we want. It’s not the food we’re after.

It will be a crazy, busy schedule, but hopefully one we will all still enjoy!

I thought I’d share with you guys, because, although you will think I’m crazy, you’ll be nice about it. :smile:


Sounds like it will be completely magical! That’s the best kind of crazy and we’re all mad here anyway.

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TH and CP are both buffets, so you can eat “moderately” at those. TI is kind of heavy, but I probably could have made a meal on the Caprese Salad and the awesome bread basket (and some good Chianti).

You need to throw HS in there somewhere just to do the all four park challenge on Christmas day :slight_smile:


@disneyconsigliere, that’s the best idea! I’ll go let our baby sleep after TI until CP begins. The rest of the family can run to HS and be back in time for CP. I’ll run your brilliant idea by them. :smile:

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@jenphalian, I knew I’d get a nice comment from at least one person! THX!

@bswan26, TI comes with appetizer, meal, and dessert since it’s on the CP package. But there’s no way we can eat all that! I like your salad idea, if we eat at all. :smile:

Don’t blame me when they mutiny! (that’s what my family would do anyway)

No, seriously! We’ve been trying to think of things we’ve never done before. That just might be it! My kids will love it. They will give you credit. There’s no risk of mutiny!

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OR you could go over to EP AFTER the CP and see the Osborne Lights while you’re there; you’ll have 3 hours between the CP and Wishes…

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Genius!! That would allow for everyone to possibly rest after lunch. WOW!

Have fun!! I hope you will do a report when you get back!