Christmas Day WDW

We are approaching our 180 day mark and while I’ve been researching for months, and I have experience planning 4 trips in Oct, I’m having a hard time deciding what park what day for this Christmas trip. I am aware that it’s the most crowded time ever. The biggest question I have right now is what to do on Christmas Day. DD11’s first time Santa will have to find us away from home, so still want to make Christmas morning special. DH not a huge fan of RD, but I always convince him. Staying at GF 12/21-12/26. MVMCP on 12/21, so no need to see Christmas parade again. We have PH passes. Do we RD MK then relax? Maybe FP Slinky Dog at HS? JBJJ? Hollywood and Vine Character meal? Hoping replies will help me decide. Thank you!

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Oooo see you there! We are at GF 17th dec to 31st!! :grinning:
Plans I have gone for are…FPs for MK in morning (I know it’s going to be super busy) but it’s our favourite park, and it’s so close, so I will make the effort to get there early! Then I’m going to book Narcoossee for dinner and watch the fireworks and probably end at Mizners…
Maybe you could book an early breakfast at MK and get in before park opens? Now, I’m thinking that too…!!

We decided to go to Epcot.

We planned a relaxed start, and left Bay Lake at around 11ish. Did Soarin, Spaceship Earth and then split to do MS/Nemo.

We then headed over to Italy and had pizza and some wine/beer, and caught some of the Holidays around the World (La Befanna in Italy was the favourite, also saw Norway, Germany, US and followed Pierre Noel through France, slushies in hand!

We then went up to the Beach and Yacht Clubs to see their decorations (the BC carousel,is my favourite of all), before returning for dinner at Chef Mickey. Finished off the evening at Top of the World; we had intended going over to MK but decided to stay put.

If you’d usually go to church/mass, there are both services at the Contemporary that morning.

We’ll be at AKL from 12/23 - 12/28. We are going no where near MK on Christmas Day. You couldn’t pay me enough. We were thinking about sticking around the resort and maybe going to DS to eat at Raglan Road. We also have thought about going to AK that day. Epcot typically handles crowds better than the other parks, so that’s always an option. I’m very helpful, aren’t I?

I have not been to WDW at Christmas but have often thought about it - my issue would be about rushing for RD on Christmas morning - i l would like that time to be little more relaxed and family orientated. So my plan would be to book a character breakfast (at a resort) for around 10ish and the go to Epcot to Animal Kingdom (i think MK would be too busy) for a couple of hours. Then back to the pool and a then an evening ADR at a nice restaurant, at the hotel. You could then watch the fireworks from the GF. This also sets you up for RD the next day. For me this would give me some disney but also the family time I like on Christmas Day.

I like the idea of a relaxed start. For character breakfast on Christmas morning, may try for Bon Voyage at Trattoria al Forno (heard they are hard to get) or Chef Mickey. Would transportation be way easier to CM? I like Epcot for a few hours on Christmas Day for Holidays Around The World. We planned to do Epcot on Christmas Eve with an CP dining package. Guess that would still work. Suggestions for GF Christmas dinner - we are fine with no fancy dinner. And when you say Fireworks from GF- any particular viewing location? Assuming just walk out near the pool? Anyone know what time Mass is at Contemporary? Wish there was a midnight Mass.

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