Christmas day at AK--please take a look at my plan

Hi Liners!
I’m nearing the 60 day mark and firming up all of our touring plans in order to make the FPP reservations. I’ve finished our AK day and hope you’ll take a look and provide feedback. My husband and I will be traveling with DD10.

I’m a bit skeptical about some of these short wait times and also unsure about using all three FPP opportunities. Currently, I’m only using 2 of them and thinking that perhaps I should use the 3rd one for Finding Nemo just to ensure that we get into the 1:00 show.

Agree, I think it’s a great plan. I think your current 2 FPP choices are perfect. I think Nemo a good option for 3rd FPP.
Alternatives: 1) Consider a Dinosaur FPP in case lines are longer than expected (or if lines are short and you want to ride twice!) for around 9:45. If you get a Dinosaur FPP and realize once you get there that you won’t use it, you can whip out the app and change it on the fly., or
2) Another good 3rd FPP would be for the Adventurers’ Outpost (meet and greet) to get family Xmas photos with Safari Minnie and Mickey. (Which isn’t in your plan, I know.)
3) Or 3rd FPP for EE in case you want a re-run on it later in the day, en route to/from Nemo.
Looks like a great trip!

We will be there Christmas morning, too! We aren’t doing any FPP at AK because we are saving them for our night at MK. I hope your day is magical! Maybe we will cross paths. :slight_smile: