Christmas At Hogwarts?

When adding to my plan, I get this message:

  • The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle is not available since sunset is too close to park closing on 2019-11-21! Remove that step!

However, I read (and really hope since this is why we changed our trip dates) that Christmas at Hogwarts runs nightly starting at 6 PM starting Nov 16, 2019.

Anyone know what is happening with the TP for Universal Christmas?

The show at 6pm would be after sunset since it is after daylight savings?

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Well, that’s what I assumed, but I thought maybe it set a bit later there than here. In Nov it probably sets around 5:30 here (OH).

I looked at this

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So, definitely ‘darkish’ by 6. I’m confused why TP doesn’t think I can add it.

November 21st? Sundown is 5:28?

Right, so if sundown is at 5:28, why does TP tell me I can’t add that step?

It might be a glitch or a issue with a setting. You might want to email They are very responsive .

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I did reach out to TP and they got back quickly as you said they would.

The park is set to close at 6 that night. I hadn’t even noticed in the park hours when I checked. I thought all nights were 7PM. I guess there is one night a week that is 6. In the end, I’ve swapped my Epcot day for Universal (a 7 PM closing night) so there is sure to be a showing.

Thanks for the help!

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