Christmas aT Disney - suggestions needed

We are going to be at WDW over the holidays. This is our first time there during this time; we usually go in the summer. I need suggestions for things to do. I know it is going to be super crowded, so I am trying to keep my expectations realistic.

Where would you eat on Christmas eve, Christmas day?
I was thinking about booking a nice breakfast somewhere Christmas morning, but I know the parks are going to be busy and I hate to waste prime touring time in the early morning in a restaurant.

My boys are 8 and 13, if that helps.

Do you decorate room at all?

Thank you LIners for all your help and suggestions as I try to make this Christmas one they won’t forget.

What a great idea. With the exception of the crowds I would love to go. I think some things depend on if you have a car or not and where you are staying.

I think it would be cool to decorate the room - if nothing else a small tree (even if only a foot or two) which can be easily packed (assuming a fake one). I think if YOU want to decorate you should.

I think it all depends on what you plan to do for the rest of the day. I would think a character meal would be fun. I would have to think they would be a bit special on Christmas Day - but don’t know. I would do something that is convenient as getting around would be a bit of a pain. Where are you staying and do you have a car?

We are staying at CBR and we will have a car. I was thinking of taking a little tree and maybe just one small gift each to keep under the tree while we are there. Is that too much?


I think that is a great idea.

As you have a car - you are open to other options - the 4 seasons and Ritz Carlton may have something fun to do as well and may be a bit less crowded. I would do something at a hotel instead of in the park as it may be a bit less hurried.

But it all comes down to what you all want to do.

We have stayed at Christmas before and yes it is busy but you will have a fabulous and magical time.
We decorated our room with a tree and battery fairy lights, You can put decorations on balconies and Windows as long as you don’t use sellotape.
We had a leisurely breakfast in our room with hot chocolate and pancakes and for dinner we went to Whispering Canyon as we were staying at WL. The atmosphere was cheesy but really fun, the kids loved it.
Don’t forget to visit the different resorts to see all their holiday decorations.
You and your family will have a fabulous time :tada::christmas_tree::grinning:

as far as decorating, last time we were there in the fall we saw mini disney-themed table top Christmas trees boxed and ready to go, with lights and decorations all included. I want to say they were in the $30-40 price range.

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That sounds perfect!!! Were they for sale on property?

Oh good, thank you for the ideas. I was afraid I was going over the top. I didn’t even think about the balcony.

I was thinking of going to a resort for dinner. I figured it would be less crowded.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Yes, they were in a number of stores, and there were a couple of styles to choose from. Definitely in each of the Christmas themed shops. There’s one in each park and Disney Springs.

You can never go over the top for Christmas…best holiday of the year! :grinning:

I thinking being in WDW is special in and of itself - but WHY NOT go a bit crazy - and who cares if you are over the top. Have fun. I know in my extended family my wife goes out of her way to make the non special special - we get looks from others in the family. You know what - secretly they are thinking “I wish someone cared enough to make this special”. So just do what you want.

I think there can be “excessive” material things - but to put up a tree, lights, and just make it extra fun - it will be something your kids will tell their kids!! Plus others passing your room will think it is cool. And if Disney doesn’t allow something - then you can just take it down - who cares

If you want to see some cool Christmas things - hit Campgrounds - now there is some Christmas excess!!


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Oh yes the campgrounds are great…fab decorations :grinning: And at Halloween too!

Thank you for the great perspective! I’m going to go for it. I won’t go too crazy, but I’m definitely going to use a little pixie dust to make the holiday extra special for my family.

I didn’t even think about checking out the campgrounds. That sounds like so much fun!!!