Christmas at Disney, before Christmas Day

This year we are going to Disney in December, starting on the 12th. So we will be home Christmas Day. How do you handle it with presents? I think it’s a little ridiculous to spend thousands on a vacation and then come home and have spent more for gifts under the tree. The kids want to go back to Disney, but I know in their minds will think they will get a bunch of huge expensive presents when we get home also. As parents, how would you handle it? We still would put up a tree and stuff at home…fyi I think I set myself up…my boys are spoiled rotten little brats at times.

We went first week in December last year and I just budgeted it so that it didn’t interfere with Christmas at all.

I kept them totally separate. Now, my son is young so I didn’t want him to think Santa wasn’t leaving any gifts for him because we went on vacation – not sure how old your kids are.

They will be 11 & 9, and both know about Santa and…well…you know =)

:slight_smile: yeah, that’s a lot easier. I didn’t want a little boy to wake up on Christmas day and think Santa forgot him.

I’m not saying we wouldn’t still do anything, it’s just how to prepare them to not ask for the $500 electronic each and stuff

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Personally, I think you just tell them they won’t get and shouldn’t expect a $500 gift. We spend maybe slightly more than that on everything we buy for Christmas across our household and extended family. They are at ages that they can have that kind of conversation about money and spending. Maybe just sit them down and put it out in front of them about how the trip is a family gift for the holiday and there is a budget for how much can be spent on actual Christmas presents. We do one gift from Santa, one from momma and one from daddy. Has always worked well. Good luck and have a great holiday trip. Love that time to go to DW.

We did a Christmas trip years ago and we just very simply told the kids “THIS TRIP is your Christmas gift”. We were there over Christmas so we had them unwrap some gift cards from aunts, grandparents, etc and that was their spending money. I don’t think this is a big deal unless you allow it to be. Let them know what is what, remind them as the months go by, and don’t waver.