Christmas 2016 Park Hours

Does anyone know when they release Park Hours for December? Also when they usually announce the line up for the Candlelight Processional?

I am keeping an eye out for the CLP info. as well! I’ve noticed they’ve been releasing the hours for end of Nov/Dec what looks like an additional day at a time (currently thru Nov 30).
Someone told me around June-July for CLP info.

Disney typically releases hours 6 months prior. But keep in mind that hours can change at any time. The CLP dates will probably be released sometime over the summer, but the line-up of celebrities is sometimes not set until a month or so before.

The TA calendar is usually the first place hours are announced for a given month, but they are late posting December for some reason - they still have Dec 2015 up.

I actually emailed Disney to ask, and their response in a nutshell was don’t expect calendar to be released before ADR window.

Thanks everyone! Guess I’m going to have to wait.

I’m waiting for it too. Seems to be taking longer this year.