Choosing the right room at Yacht Club

I would really like some input on my room request for an upcoming stay at the Yacht Club. We are stuck in the standard view category… but I’d like two queen beds, with the third pull down bed option and the shower/tub option if possible since we have littles who prefer baths still. I have searched using those parameters in the room-finder feature but haven’t found for sure what I’m looking for. Any advice? Or should I configure my room request just requesting those features rather than a specific room?

Hey @profmatt, does this meet the specs of the room you stayed in last trip? Can you help out?

No. My room fails comprehensively. King bed, no bath, no pull-down bed.

oh, poo.

You’re usually so much help. Fail.

Thanks for posting this! Staying at YC in December and would like a similar set up.

I’d be inclined to keep it simple and do your request based on what you really need, which is the sleeping configuration and tub. You can also add in something general like high or low floor, near or far from elevator etc.
also? What ages are your kids? If they’re 3 or older, aren’t they considered a regular guest and if there are 5 of you, you’d automatically get one of those rooms (we are also a family of 5, stayed at Boardwalk, so I don’t think we could have ended up without the pull down sofa/daybed.)

Thank you all for your input and suggestions! I’m going to configure my room request to just ask for the things we need (pull down extra bed, two queens, tub/shower combo) rather than a floor, room numbers or proximity to the lobby or transportation. That sounds like our best option. I’ll post later if we received the accommodation requests. Thank you!

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