Choosing Parks for 4 year old and 1 year old

Hi all,

Taking my 4.5 year old son and 1.5 year old daughter to Orlando the end of Oct.

This will be my son 's 3rd trip to Disney. We have only done MK up until now. It’s a quick trip. Max 2.5 days so, current plan is a full day in MK, Halloween Party and then the other day is kinda open. What is everyone’s opinion on the next best park for kids of this age?

AK sounds ok but seems to lack rides. HS I am really unsure of…shows are not his fave.


If I only got to pick one other park it would be AK. (We’ll be taking a 2 year old.) We’re excited for KS, Dinoland, and meeting Mickey & Minnie together. We also plan to do the trails and the Lion King Show.

That said, I am really excited for Character Spot, The Seas with Nemo, and FEA at Epcot, but most of the stuff there appeals more to me and DH than to our son.

I wouldn’t do DHS for the very young crowd. If we ignore live shows, here’s what comes to my mind as possible draws for the littles at Epcot and AK.

Epcot Rides:
Nemo and Friends ride
Living with the land
Frozen Ever After
Ride in Mexico pavilion

Epcot Other:
Wandering through WS
“The seas” aquarium area
Bruce’s Shark World (basically an area to run through/around and press buttons)
Turtle Talk with Crush
Meeting Mickey et al at Character Spot

Animal Kingdom Rides:
Navi River Journey
Triceratop Spin
Wildlife Express Train

Animal Kingdom Other:
Wandering through and looking at animals (Gorilla Falls Trail, Maharajah Trek)
Boneyard playground (not sure how the 1 year old would fare here)

My kids (3 and 5) liked Epcot more, but YMMV. From my POV, the AK rides are better for the young crowd, but the other stuff at Epcot is better unless your kids are animal lovers. My DS isn’t super interested in animals; he’s moderately interested at the zoo for an hour or so and then he’s ready for home. If your little guys are into animals, AK is probably the way to go.

Thanks! You think AK is a full day? Now trying to decide about sungle tickets or a Park Hopper…

AK is a full day PLUS in my opinion.

I agree, I think you can easily spend a full day at AK. Especially if you do Wilderness Explorers with the 4.5 year old. (They’ll make it super easy for him so he gets the stickers.)