Choosing a MVMCP date

We have the option of choosing either the Thursday, 11/15 or Friday 11/16 date for MVMCP. We originally thought Friday fit into our plans best, but I have read that it is one of the busiest (i.e. worst) parties to choose.

I’d love your opinions. Rethink all the plans in order to choose the “better” 11/15 party or go ahead with the busier Friday party?

I’m struggling with a similar decision. Sunday before Veterans Day or Tuesday after Veterans Day. I like sunday bc Monday Veterans Day we could skip the parks and sleep in when the parks are going to be very crowded. But since lots of people have off Monday Sunday night might be very crowded. If we do Tuesday night we have aark day scheduled on wed. No rest for the weary. Lol EDITED: wait a minute, there’s not even a party on Sunday it’s ON Monday Veterans Day. Hmmmm

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I’m looking at that week as well. Last time I played with my plan I had it on Thursday. Now that the dates are announced I’m going to re-evaluate. My current thought is to pick the day that works best in my planning rather than trying to guess which might be less busy.


After reviewing our tentative plans, I have found that I can pretty easily just flip flop two park days without a crowd level difference in either, so we are opting for the Thursday party hoping it might be a bit less crowded. DH is on the phone getting them now! WOOHOO!!!

I would take the chance on the less crowded day too

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Looks like Disney thinks Thursday might be less crowded too. It’s $95 while Friday is $99. I read somewhere that the higher pricing may indicate a higher expected crowd level.

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