Choosing a MNSSHP date

We will be at disney Halloween week and should arrive to AoA around 1pm Sunday. Which day do you think will be our best choice for attending MNSSHP? Sunday, Tues, or Halloween Night (thats wed so I think they will have the party on both tues and wed?)? We attended last year and left right after the fireworks as my kids are young but still had a great time. I’m assuming crowds are nuts on Halloween night?

We went to the party just prior to Halloween and had fun. Anything that week will be crowded, but it was a school night and not Halloween, so I figured that would be the best we could do the week of Halloween.

For my family we would probably be too tired to do it arrival day so we would choose Tuesday.

Usually there is a post on the TP Blog that discusses the best days to go - this year’s recommendations are not out yet, but here are last year’s recommendations