Choose the secret we know before life makes us grow, there’s nowhere to go but up! A turning 18/going to university celebration trip July 2022

According to google but is google accurate? We’ll never know!

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Generally, yes.

You MIGHT get lucky and have a driver who goes to TL first…it happened on Tuesday when I was going to Springs. We were early for Springs opening, so I don’t know if that’s why…maybe the driver was newish and just messed up. It was a bonus for those going to TL though!


I’m slowly catching up. And I’m so sad they were mean to you at MF.
I’ve had mid-vacation cries many times, too. They are hectic and we’ve invested so much. And that person being mean would have made me cry on a GOOD day, much less when tired and sad about other things.

Ok. Need to read more.


If you’ve got that far, you’re almost done!

Thanks. I emailed Disney about it but haven’t had any response.


I finally finished your trip report! I savored it and only read it when I knew I would not be interrupted (which isn’t often). And oddly I felt myself getting teary near the end. Since we chatted off and on via messenger your entire trip, I felt like I knew what was happening most of the time. But then I see the pictures of your poor feet, or of Joe getting a bit annoyed and knowing how much you were cherishing this trip and how much you will miss him made me emotional. I hated that a CM was mean to you, and I hope you hear back from Disney at some point with an apology. I hate that it bothered you so much once again when you were reliving it for us on this report. I wanted this trip to be magical top to bottom, and someday I really want to visit WDW with you. You endured so much, and yet always found a way to find the magic that keeps you coming back. Thanks so much for taking us along. Your memory amazes me! Much love, as always. And I know you’ll be going back. You actually made me want to go back while I read the last portion, and that’s saying a lot since I didn’t love our trip in 2021.


Aw this reply has made me a bit teary!! I always try to be honest in my reports about the good and the bad because no trip is perfect. But I hope that people read trip reports and see that even when things go wrong, you can still have a fantastic trip.

I really hope we get to meet one day at WDW!


I’m late reacting to all this. Think we tour MK the same as you- space, buzz, splash, btmrr akways.
Bit no parades??
PTN is the best one ever too


We’ve never done parades. We’re all about the rides.


Same. Parades always seem to be in the way, whenever I’ve encountered them! Though the cavalcades are great, short, sweet and to the point!


We only saw a couple of cavalcades!

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We saw a rainy day cavalcade on our way out one day, and that was all the parade we needed!


I am all about the night time parades but have never been interested in daytime parades. Maybe it is because daytime=sun and nightime=twinkle lights.

I typically also like parades with good dancers. I yelped when I heard Magic Happens will be back when we are at DLR next year.


We had this too on our last morning in US. Surprised it got to our U.K. phones. We were only on WiFi, roaming turned off.

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Yay I finally read through to the end! I hope you’ll be back sooner than you think- but understand it’s hard when you want to be with DH too & be sure he’s ok if he’s at home.

Get the throwing extra money at the trip with it being a “last” trip pre uni. That’s how we ended up on the starcruiser. At least you were more controlled in paying for G+!


I haven’t got Starcruiser money even if I’d wanted to do it! G+ was only $200, they don’t even let you look at Starcruiser for that money :rofl::rofl:

Are you going to do it again when DS15 is about to go to Uni?!


Don’t think we’d be able to save up that much again! This only happened as the trip got put back 3 years so 3 years budget went into one trip.

I hear Bournemouth is lovely in august :beach_umbrella:




Bournemouth. Batuu.
Who can tell the difference? :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:


I finally heard from the insurance company, they are rejecting my claim because the airline should have compensated me for lost luggage. Now I need to start battling Aer Lingus again.

Still, at least I wasn’t there during a hurricane and don’t have to worry about losing my home. Perspective.


That makes me mad.

Good point.