Choose 2: ADR Edition

For our belated anniversary trip in May we have 2 nights for dinner ADRs. We are staying at the Swan. Which would you choose?

-California Grill
-Raglan Road
-other suggestions???

Also looking for feedback on brunch at Wine Bar George. Thanks!

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Brunch at Chef Mickeys pre-covid was really nice. Whispering Canyon is a consideration too. Ha just adding to the list of choices.

I settled on California Grill for our date night in May. I’d love Raglan Road for a general date night if, you know, we got to have a night out more than once every 16 months…


What kind of mood are you looking for? If you want a romantic special occasion night I’d skip Raglan Road (the only one on your list I’ve been to) - it’s fun, but also noisy and a lot going on, wouldn’t really be a “have a nice talk” vibe.

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Have never dined there but here fantastic things about Shulas. And then I have to recommend CG.

California Grill and Topolino’s


Same recs as @Dreamer, Topolino’s and Cali Grill.


Wine Bar George is fantastic!! My sister and I recently had brunch there and shared the hummus app, fried chicken biscuit, and the wine country omelet. All three were delicious!


Listen to @Dreamer, she knows best.

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