Chip n Dale campfire/luau/or character meal

Hi all!!
We are heading to Disney by the end of October and I’m struggling with the plans!
We are going from Friday to Friday and Saturday seems to be a busy day so, weather permitting, we will go to a water park. I’m just planning to go during the morning and then back to hotel for nap (I have 3 DD of 1,4 and 6 ).
I wanted to do sth fun that night and I’m deciding between:

  • fort wilderness and Chip n Dale (is it very crowded?)
  • character meal at CM or 1900
  • the luau at the Poly

Has anybody done them? We have reservation for BOG at 8 am on Sunday so I don’t want them to go to bed very late
Thanks in advanced for your thoughts and experiences!

Forgot to add Pirates and Pals! Although we may do Pirates and Pals on Wednesday

@OBNurseNH’s review of the luau from last week was very comprehensive.
Spirit of Aloha: A Review


Thank you!!! I’ll read it right now!

Ok, spirit of aloha removed from my list! My girls will go for the pizza 100% sure and I’m not sure they will appreciate the show…


I would probably choose the Chip & Dale sing along. They have a food truck there which is QS prices and you can purchase S’mores kit but everything else is free.

1900 Park Fare is good, but I’ve heard that the characters can be hit or miss and I would want to meet the stepmother, stepsisters, Cinderella, and the Prince. If one was missing, I’d feel cheated.

Chef Mickey gets poor reviews overall, I think, but it would still be my second choice. It is loud loud LOUD in there so be prepared for that.

I did feel cheated when the step sisters were missing.

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Sorry that happened. I’d have been majorly bummed.

Such is life. Lady T was funny.

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