Chins up, everyone!

Just finished reading a long thread of much doom and gloom and expectation that WDW will be irrevocably altered and possibly ruined. Thought I’d leave my own two cents. Take it for what it’s worth.

This too shall pass. Millions of people have had their worlds turned upside down. Not one single individual in this country is unaffected. Many financially, many medically, some of us both. All of us, without exception, are experiencing a time we will never forget.

But we will learn from it. We will go through it. We’ll take a different perspective. But the world will be open for business again, and we will take the lessons forward and find a way to make it a world we want to live in. We will do things we enjoy, and we will spend times with our friends and families.

We are all some mix of angry, scared, worried and uncertain right now. That will soon turn into excitement for what comes after. There will be sports again. There will be restaurants again. There will be Disney again. The attractions will be back. The characters will be back. The shows and fireworks will be back.

Take deep breaths. Be angry. Be afraid. Be sad. It’s okay to feel whatever your feeling. But then be ready for what will be an incredible experience for all of us when we have our liberties back.

Now, I am going to go watch some Disney+ and make mock touring plans for my trip in February 2021 that I have every belief will go off without a hitch and will be one of the wonderful experiences of my life. Take care, all


Thank you.

I’ve been struggling with the daily rituals of my life being upended. Not as bad as some, but still struggling and I’m not quite the empath Deanna Troi is but still tend to pick up on the energy of those around me and right now, it seems like the entire world is in Flight or Fight Mode.

Disney World is my coping mechanism, so yes, I’ve cried. As a person who has Bipolar and has to daily watch for triggers and stay in a semblance of order to continue to live med free, having my coping mechanism shut down was quite a shock.

It will get better. And it will calm down. Good things are coming and our best days are right in front of us.


Thank you for this!


May I smack talk your Bears???

Lord knows they give everyone plenty of fodder :rofl:

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It’s the only sport we can resort to right now!
And I root for Bucs/Dolphins/Rams so I know about self inflicted cannon fodder

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The Nuggets and the Avalanche were actually doing fairly well (with intermittent meltdowns).

Free agency has been the only thing going.

  1. Tom Brady rubbing salt in the NE wound by announcing he’s leaving the Patriots on St Patrick’s Day. it was even mentioned during the Dropkick Murphys’s online SPD concert. :rofl:
  2. Chris Harris Jr leaving Broncos in free agency. Sad but not unexpected.
  3. Broncos doing the following on twitter: At least a dozen posts expounded on how wonderful CHjr has been for the Broncos, how he’s loved and respected and will be missed, etc. At the same time, ONE tweet about releasing Flacco with this: “We have informed QB Joe Flacco that he will be released with a failed physical designation.” Flacco had to go, but wow. They really kicked when down.

And I am super mad my husband made me miss the pine tar game on MLB network on Tuesday!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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In all fairness, Flacco did only play for like 8(?) games though! :wink:

I have spent way too much time in recent days following the few players that the Broncos have signed in free agency. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now that there won’t be much more free agency news!


I’ve been stuck in my house long enough to convince myself that Nick Foles will save the Bears.



Well, and before this virus (that seems like 100 years ago), was all the Mel Tucker drama for CU.

yeah, things are sparse for sports. And just everything

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Tom Brady landing in my beloved Bucs. Good grief. :sob::sob::sob:

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It is truly the end of the world now…

weeeeelll, I’ll just say this. Peyton Manning, Broncos, 2016.
Not that I want anyone else to win the SB… :grinning:

I know it sounds weird but I really don’t care as much about winning the SB as I do about my team.
I’d rather his arrogant boot had landed elsewhere