Childrens meals when not on the dining plan

We’re booked in August for WDW. We did the QS for DP.
But we really like some of the sit down breakfasts. We booked the CP at MK for one morning.
Which is not covered under the QS DP. My children are 12 & 9. Would 12 years old still be charged an adult meal? How would they know if we’re paying cash?

Thank you.

Adult prices start at age 10 and up.

I think 2319 understands that. This appears to be the pertinent question.

My DD10 got charged as a child at Ohana (we paid out of pocket). I figured they had her age on their computer, because reservations were made through MDE - and MDE knows her bday. Maybe they took it easy on us because she got mac and cheese. I don’t know the answer, but I know it’s not 100%.

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They typically ask you at check in so they will charge you for an adult unless you tell them your child is under 10.

I wouldn’t expect this to happen. Typically they ask you at check in and they charge you for an adult.

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I don’t necessarily disagree with this, but I don’t think it answers 2319’s question. If they typically ask at check in, and the answer given is 9 (not debating the ethics here or if a 12 yo can look 9) - how do they know?

Edit: I see your above answer - “unless you tell them your child is under 10”.

FWIW, I’ve had on or one or two occasions had a cast member look at my daughter who is obviously over the age of 10 and say, “You look younger than 10!” and wink and charge me for a kids’ meal.

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I think i answered her questions but in case it wasn’t clear, I will try to help again. “Would the 12 year old still be charged as an adult” Yes she would since 9 and over are charged as an adult. “How would they know if we are paying cash.” They typically ask when you check in so if you tell them their true age then they will charge you accordingly.

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I don’t want to debate the ethics of this either and personally I don’t care what others do :slight_smile: ). I read the question as in how would they know her child was 12 so that is the answer I gave. Perhaps she is actually asking “if I tell them my daughter is 9 then how would they know she isn’t?”.Then the answer is they wouldn’t know you are lying to them and would charge them as a child


The latter is how I took the question. :slight_smile:

It took me a second to understand why you didn’t think I was answering the question. We both interpreted it differently :slight_smile: At least they got all potential questions answered now, LOL.