Children's Activity Centers at Resorts, info needed

What are the stipulations for utilizing the activity centers? Do you have to be staying at the specific resorts or just anywhere on site?
What kind of fee do they charge?

Also, which one is the best and why?


Hey there…we’ve never used one but we’re really looking into them. Here is a helpful link:

They have to be at least 3 years old and potty trained. The prices aren’t posted but they do include meals/snacks. I think they are all really nice…they are only found at Deluxe hotels. I think the best one that is the most convenient for you…either to your hotel or to where ever you were wanting to go sans offspring. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

You don’t have to be staying in that Hotel to use the service, I believe you don’t even have to be staying on site. We used the one at the Poly in 2012, but plan on using the one at the Beach club next year so we can tour WS without the sprogs.

We used Cub Den at WL in April while we went to Artist Point. My kids loved it. They ate dinner there, did crafts, played games, and watched a movie. They had a 2 hr minimum. There was a coupon in the booklet that comes with booking (has the golf, fishing, Disney Quest coupons in it along with ME voucher). We are going to try Sandcastle Club next trip and eat at Epcot.

We are trying the Sandcastle club this year for my 3 little ones. We are staying at Yacht Club so it’s close. I just wanted a night out in World Showcase to hang out with the hubby.
My TA told me her children LOVED the clubs and it was a must do each trip for her. The discount if you have a package through disney is 20% off. I think the hourly rate is around 16 per child per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

We used Sandcastle Club for DD8 during our trip 2 weeks ago. She loved it so much she insisted that we book a second night. I was impressed with the service. They offer a variety of choices for meals, lots of activities, and the CMs are friendly.

THANKS for all the helpful info from your experiences! Could you also share the ages of your kids? I have a 6,9, and 12 y.o. and I am hoping the oldest will like it as well. Any of you have older children and what was their experience?

Mine was 4 at the time, he was fine.

We have used the Neverland Club at the Poly the last 2 years. DS6 has requested to go again in Nov. I think it’s about $11.50 per child per hour and includes dinner. If you have a Disney vacation package, there’s a 15% off coupon in your booklet. My son loves it!

My DD is 8.

My children are 8,5,3

We used new club disney at poly. Dd10 and ds5. They loved it! Food was great. 15$ an hour per kid 2 hour min. Also did cubs den in jan. dd was bored too many little kids.

@jenniemouse, my DD is 5. I had convinced her that she wanted to spend an evening at Neverland, only to find out it’s been rebranded. I think she will like Club Disney just as much. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a reservation for Club Disney for our stay. I did get one at Cub’s Den.

What was your son’s opinion of Cub’s Den. How did they spend their evening? Which one would he prefer to go back to? When you say “too many little kids” do you mean little like 5 or little like 3?

I can’t decide if I should keep what I’ve got or keep trying for Club Disney.



I would keep trying for club disney but I’m sure she will love cubs den. Tons of toys and they do crafts. DS played video games. The CM at all kids clubs are great!

We used the Neverland Club twice last year. DS then 11 was pretty bored but didn’t mind going when he was tired from RD touring. I let him take his iphone and he played the NC’s video games. I won’t leave him there now that he’s 12. DD then 7 liked it but won’t go back w/o her brother. Majority of kids there those nights were under 6.

Thanks @jenniemouse and @PianoMinnie,

I’ll keep trying for Club Disney. I think she will enjoy it there.