Children with ADHD - Advice needed

Hello - I have two boys (8 and 5) that have diagnosed ADHD. Does anyone have experience with Disability Access Service? I wanted to bring documentation for my kids from my kids doctor’s so that way it didn’t look like I was making something up. We are staying at the Grand Californian Resort so we will be taking advantage of every opportunity to cut down on lines (Magic Hour, etc.) Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just FYI, I’m going on 3/21/16 - 3/23/16, and from the looks of things the crown calendar is scaring me (either 9/10 or 10/10).

They will not even look at any medical documentation so don’t bother. ADHD itself does not rate the issue of a DAS. You will need to provide a reason why your kids are unable to wait in the standby line and need to wait elsewhere but you will be waiting the length of the posted time minus 15 minutes. So if posted wait times are 90 minutes, you will get a return time of 75 minutes. They may also simply tell you to use the FFP system to reduce your wait times.

Elaine: thanks for the advice! My kids literally begin to bounce everywhere and disrupt other people in lines and enter into meltdown mode, especially after waiting in multiple lines over the course of the day. It isn’t good for them, my wife and I or the other guests. I’m curious as to why ADHD doesn’t qualify as a DAS when it is a recognized disability under the ADAAA act of 2008. If I can’t wait in a separate line I would understand - but anything to help with the wait time issue would be a huge help ffor.

It’s not about the diagnosis. Disney doesn’t really have any interest in that. What they want/need to know is what kind of accommodation you require to make the most of your vacation. As @Elaine5715 said, you’ll still be waiting even with DAS, you just may be able to wait elsewhere. Instead of being crammed into the queue, you would get a return time to come back for a shorter wait. You’ll want to keep in mind that even with DAS and FP, there will still be some waiting involved.

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This is what they need to hear. Just this. and of course, meet the kids and take their pictures.
It was the rampant abuse at DL of the former GAC that caused the changes to the now DAS.