Children under 7

I’ll be traveling with 3 children, ages 3 years old and 2 that are 6 years old. Can the 6 year olds ride together? Or does one adult have to squeeze into the ride too?

Technically the 6 year olds each need an adult and can’t just ride together. In practice, it varies on what is actually enforced. We’ve seen it both ways. I suspect it’ll also depend on how tall/mature-looking they are. If they can easily pass for 7+, then I suspect you’re far less likely to get questioned.

I can’t recall the seating arrangements on 7DMT or BTMR. Is there enough room for all 3 to squeeze? Splash Mountain won’t be a problem. And I can’t think of any other rides in Magic Kingdom that would be problematic either…

7DMT are 2 per row. My DS4 AND DS6 sat together and I sat behind them when we rode. On BTMR all three of us fit on one row.

GREAT! Thank you so much. Usually when we go, it is DH, myself and our (1) 6 year old and we take turns riding with her. I am taking an Easter break trip with a GF of mine who has 2 kids. It should be interesting since the 3 yo is not going to be able to ride the bigger kid rides.

Rider switch might be useful in this scenario

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Unfortunately it will depend on the CM. I saw a CM turn down a woman who wanted to let her 2 girls ride by themselves in their own row on the Barnstormer (the most tame roller coaster in MK) even though both girls were taller than my 7 year old!

I really hope we don’t have an issue. the only one I’m really concerned about is 7DMT. We’re not staying on property this time - and I am not hopeful we will get FP to 7DMT. I need them both to go at the same time with 1 adult.

How does rider switch work if there’s only one adult?

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Good question. I don’t think it does unless you have a child over 7 who can ride without the single adult.

A single parent with a 6yo and a 3yo who didn’t meet the height couldn’t send the 6yo on alone while they waited with the 3yo, and couldn’t leave the kids alone to ride by themselves. But even if the older child was 7 and would ride alone, you couldn’t rider swap unless you were willing to leave the 2 small kids together. It would work if you had a child over 14 as well as younger children.

Ava on 7DMT age 4, 2016…she just made height requirement:


Great pic. Did she like it after? She certainly seems concerned in the pic, but not upset at least…

" I am taking an Easter break trip with a GF of mine who has 2 kids. It should be interesting since the 3 yo is not going to be able to ride the bigger kid rides."

In reading this line I had thought there were 2 adults, so that’s what I suggested rider switch.

It was her very first roller coaster ride ever…Dad is in the pic holding her, encouraging her, she said, lets do it again!! She loved the animations. However, I think stand by was about 40 minutes


Great to hear she was enthusiastic after and wanted to do it again.

For those concerned about the perceived look of fear on her face on the 7DMT, that is a smile. Her puffy cheeks are drawn back from the G-force of the ride amplifying the smile. It also happens to me on this ride except my cheeks cover my ears. She was just fine, she has no fear.


I’m beginning to think we are all screwed and no one is going to be able to ride 7DMT this trip. the only saving grace I would have is if someone would sit with one of the 6 year olds. I know my daughter wouldn’t go for it, but her friend might.

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Oh this is not good - according to their website, ride Switch is NOT offered at 7DMT!!!

Magic Kingdom Park
The Barnstormer
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Stitch’s Great Escape
Tomorrowland Indy Speedway

That seems odd, I thought there was a height requirement. But my kids are older so no experience.

There is a height requirement on 7DMT. And I’m very shocked. It might be worth me spending 10 min later on Disney chat inquiring … aka complaining at it. If we manage to get FPs, then no issue. But if we don’t, I’m kinda screwed.